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Online and on-air, Dan Misener's weekly column explores the latest developments in technology, the internet, and digital culture, and the impact they have on how Canadians live, work, and play.

Marco! Polo! Jan. 27, 2015

A look at Canadian smartphone app Marco Polo, and the trend towards always- listening devices. Includes an interview with Matt Wiechec.


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Older Episodes

A new television for a penny? This past Friday, a software glitch caused many items on Amazon's UK website to be dramatically under-priced. Dan Misener has a behind-the-scenes look at what happened. Includes an interview with retailer Stephen Palmer.
Yik Yak Nov. 25, 2014
It's only been around for about a year, but the anonymous social networking app Yik Yak has raised a lot of money and created a lot of controversy. Includes an interview with Rick Jones, principal of Chilliwack Secondary.
Overly promotional Nov. 18, 2014
Facebook is tweaking its News Feed algorithm, and it'll have a big impact on anyone who uses Facebook to promote themselves, or their business. Includes an interview with Dani Gagnon of The Like Button.
Less Mail Nov. 4, 2014
A look at two algorithmically-aided approaches to email overload.
Skin Buttons Oct. 21, 2014
Imagine if your entire forearm became a touch-screen display. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed “skin buttons” – a smartwatch system that uses laser light to turn your wrist into a touchable, tappable computer interface.
A look at RoomAlive, a project from Microsoft Research. Includes an interview with Raj Sodhi.
Cookie linking April 8, 2014
If you think your web browser history is private, you might want to think again. New research from Princeton University suggests its "surprisingly easy" for eavesdroppers to piece together an accurate picture of where you've been online.
Toronto-based Bionym wants you to log in using your heartbeat. The company makes the Nymi wristband, and yesterday, announced a partnership with Montreal-based PasswordBox. Includes interviews with Maeghan Smulders (PasswordBox) and Karl Martin (Bionym).
If it ain't broke... March 25, 2014
On April 8, Microsoft will end support for Windows XP. This week, a look at what that means for individuals and businesses, and what you can do to protect yourself.
Popcorn Time March 11, 2014
Movie pirates step up their user interface game. Includes an interview with internet lawyer Gil Zvulony.
CarPlay March 4, 2014
A look at Apple's new CarPlay system, distracted driving, and "the battle for the dashboard."
Selfiecity Feb. 25, 2014
Selfiecity is a new research project that systematically analyzed selfies from five cities around the world.
SlickLogin Feb. 18, 2014
A look at Israeli startup SlickLogin, and the audio-based password alternative that Google bought from them.
Secret Feb. 4, 2014
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Facebook, a look at a new style of social network that allows you to anonymously divulge what you're really thinking and feeling. Includes an interview with Secret co-founder David Byttow.
It's International Data Privacy Day, and to mark the occasion, an interview with Avner Levin about why so many people claim to care about privacy, but so few people actually *do* anything about it.
A look at how privacy policies change over time, and why no one reads them. Includes interviews with technology lawyer Mark Hayes, and Hugo Roy from the Terms of Service; Didn't Read project.
A look at how privacy policies change over time, and why no one reads them. Includes interviews with technology lawyer Mark Hayes, and Hugo Roy from the Terms of Service; Didn't Read project.
"Basket of Remotes" Jan. 14, 2014
From smart fridges to crockpots, more and more of our household devices are connected to the internet. But what happens when they can't talk to each other? Includes interviews with Revolv's Mike Soucie, and Liat Ben-Zur from the AllSeen Alliance.
Log in with a story Jan. 7, 2014
Trouble remembering all of your passwords? Researchers at Carleton University have proposed an alternative to passwords that involves stories from your life... and details only you could know. A look at narrative authentication.