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Opening track from the performance at Uus Õu, Genialistide Klubi. 31, Aug, 2013, Tartu.



Older Episodes

Excerpt from "Naba Rehearsals". Nov 2011.
Excerpt from "Naba Rehearsals". March 2012.
"Two Tire Swings" is recorded in 2010. It's a one-take looped vocal & percussive composition made in front of the mirror. Twins (Grace and Kate Hoare) by John Everett Millais is used on the cover artwork.
Music video by Dad Adouk for the song "Things Adi found in a drawer of an abandoned hotel room" by Muradyan. A small article about the video: adouk/
A cappella cover version of Bob Marley's Jammin by Muradyan.
"Laisse et va t'en" is a cover version of now-famous single "Togh u Gna" by The Deenjes compiled by Les Boubouques. This time the song reveals its melancholic and unhurried colours, being still cosmic and mysterious.
The collection of experimental pieces written in 2004-2007. And maybe the world record time of making the album art (2 years)