Myoclonic Jerk

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"Beautifully made... brilliantly original," says The Telegraph. A 20-part public-radio-style series that asks big questions about life and how to live it. Ex-lawyer/comedian Daniel Kaufman takes on a different subject each episode using monologue, stories, interviews, music, and more. This show is made with a lot of love and care (and OCD) and new episodes come out very infrequently, but they will keep coming, so be sure to subscribe to get all future episodes. You can also be notified of new releases by joining the mailing list at the website. FYI, a myoclonic jerk is that twitch that happens as you're falling asleep that wakes you up. Scientists think the brain confuses the feeling of your muscles relaxing with the feeling of falling or dying and sends a startle impulse to your body to save it. Why is that the name of this podcast? Why not?

11 Episode 11 - The Long View Jan. 20, 2016

What do we see when we zoom out? Scientists Michelle Thaller and Sean Carroll talk about the beginning and end of the Universe. Dan Carlin talks hardcore history, poker pro Annie Duke advises on improving your long game, Prof Hal Hershfield explains how we are disconnected from our future selves, psychologist Gabrielle Oettingen says positive thinking actually leads to negative outcomes, comedian Jimmy Dore relates a fight with a disgruntled audience member, and much more! Check out the website for more information on the show and join the conversation on our Facebook page.


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