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19 19.06 – MU Podcast Feb. 17, 2018

After discussing the strange phenomenon of “Phantom Social Workers” in the UK it seems the pattern may have emerged here in Australia this week. We investigate the latest reports of strange men and women trying to take people’s children along with the recent news of a lost skier who seems to have teleported across the... Read more »


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Older Episodes

19 19.05 – MU Podcast Feb. 10, 2018
This week we return to the infamous Welsh Triangle where the investigator is now making claims he was actually working for British Intelligence during the region’s 1977 UFO flap. We examine his new revelations which pair brilliantly with gold hunting i...
19 19.04 – MU Podcast Feb. 3, 2018
Cryptobotany and Cryptozoology are featured this week with mystical plants, murderous trees and the mystery creatures of China. We then ambitiously try and connect ‘The Secret Fish Man from Guangdong’ to MIB cases in the UK and the Phantom Social Worke...
19 19.03 – MU Podcast Jan. 27, 2018
This week examine the work of Ohkado Masayuki, his investigations into reincarnation in Japan and children that remember ‘lives between lives’. After some bizarre musical synchronicities we then head into our Plus+ extension with the infamous God Bears...
19 19.02 – MU Podcast Jan. 19, 2018
This week we unravel the cosmic serpent to find the origins of life and the link between DNA and Ayahuasca visions. Could the building blocks of all life also be a conscious force that is capable of direct communication with our altered states of mind?...
19 19.01 – MU Podcast Jan. 13, 2018
We kick off our 2018 season with the worst of CES and the future of smart toilets before Aaron unravels the controversial “Dear David” saga that has sparked controversy. We then look at state sponsored mind control programs and the hypnotic experiments...
18 18.25 – MU Podcast Dec. 22, 2017
For our ‘walk it over the line’ end of year special we look at the cryptocurrency dominatrix, S.Rob’s Santa Claus tulpa magic and the evolution of the deadly Nukkake bomb. We then discuss more reports of aquatic humanoids in Russia and the giant sentie...
18 18.24 – MU Podcast Dec. 15, 2017
After strange links between full moons and motorcycles, roadways and headless horsemen, and phantom self driving vehicles, we cover the latest news on the man who cemented his head into a microwave. In our Plus extension we then venture into Chronobiol...
18 18.23 – MU Podcast Dec. 8, 2017
This week we pit the modern metrosexual against ancient cave men to decide the ultimate winner in the battle for manliness. Along the way we discover one- legged Aboriginal hopping hunters, oiled up casanovas, and the Yakuza’s jingle bells.
18 18.22 – MU Podcast Dec. 2, 2017
Mechanised Jurassic beasts and elusive electric powered serpents are featured this week as we follow the trail to a potential breakaway civilisation. We then move to the bizarre medical wonders of antiquity from health potions and man grease,
18 18.21 – MU Podcast Nov. 24, 2017
We are joined by film makers Peter Marsh and Gabi Plumm this week to discuss the hidden history of New Zealand and the evidence of a mysterious race of people that predate Polynesian settlement in the region.
18 18.20 – MU Podcast Nov. 17, 2017
We continue our important work of determining the ultimate purpose of Black Ops Bigfoot on this episode and ultimately end up with an Orangu-man fugitive fleeing in a stolen aerial vehicle. We get closer to finding answers in our Plus+ extension with a...
18 18.19 – MU Podcast Nov. 10, 2017
Australian researcher Lynne Kelly joins us this week to discuss ‘The Memory Code‘ that manages to unlock the secrets of ancient monuments around the world. Using traditional Aboriginal songlines as the key,
18 18.18 – MU Podcast Nov. 3, 2017
After discussing the latest in genetic advances, the future of IVF manipulation, new Giza discoveries, and the fried chicken bath bomb we are joined by experienced Theosophist Pedro Oliveira. Oliveira takes us through the deep history of the Theosophic...
18 18.17 – MU Podcast Oct. 27, 2017
We spin tales of mist monsters, smoke demons and mad gassers into a ‘states of matter’ special with some of the strangest entity encounters on record. We then set off to Nepal, Tibet and Spain with Lama Yeshe and his subsequent reincarnation 11 months ...
18 18.16 – MU Podcast Oct. 20, 2017
Author Lynne McTaggart joins us this week to discuss the intention experiments from her latest book ‘The Power of Eight‘. The new work expands upon McTaggart’s previous experiments on the material effects of intention and reveal a powerful,
18 18.15 – MU Podcast Oct. 13, 2017
Australian author and Cryptonaturalist Tim the Yowie Man joins us this week to share his adventures across the country from the new book ‘Haunted & Mysterious Australia’. From poltergeists in tunnels beneath Sydney to ghost ships (and head-butting came...
18 18.14 – MU Podcast Oct. 6, 2017
This week we review David Bramwell’s marvellously strange string of synchronicities from his latest book ‘The Haunted Moustache‘. After receiving an odd family heirloom, Bramwell pursues a quest for answers that leads him into the eccentric occult unde...
18 18.06 – MU Podcast Aug. 11, 2017
Research into strange Japanese cults lead us into a vast geopolitical conspiracy connecting occult secret societies, Hitler’s magician, money laundering, weapon’s smuggling, and unexplained explosions in the Australian outback.
18 18.05 – MU Podcast Aug. 4, 2017
Consciousness researcher and author Nanci Trivellato joins us to discuss her work with the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC), OBEs, and her latest findings on supernormal experiences in children.