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This is an audio version of our feature: Robo-writers: the rise and risks of language-generating AI
From a sore arm to anaphylaxis, a wide range of adverse events have been reported after people have received a COVID-19 vaccine. And yet it is unclear how many of these events are actually caused by the vaccine. In the vast majority of cases, reactions...
Laser-cooled antimatter opens up new physics experiments, and the staggering economic cost of invasive species.
Since the beginning of the pandemic the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine has been plagued by confusion and controversy. The vaccine has been authorised in over 100 countries, tens of millions of doses have been administered, and it has been demonstrated to b...
A web of three optical atomic clocks show incredibly accurate measurements of time, and the trailblazing astronomer who found hints of dark matter.
In the early days of the pandemic, researchers raced to identify the most potent antibodies produced by the immune system in response to SAR-COV-2 infection and produce them in bulk. The resulting ‘monoclonal antibodies’ have since been tested in a var...
The AI that argues back March 17, 2021
A computer that can participate in live debates against human opponents.
Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been many open questions about how COVID-19 could impact pregnant people and their babies – confounded by a lack of data.
Physicists examine the gravitational pull between two tiny masses, and how fossil lampreys could shake-up the field of vertebrate evolution.
Where did the SARS-CoV-2 virus come from? As a team of researchers from the WHO prepares to report on its investigation into the origins of the virus, we discuss the leading theories, including the controversial ‘lab leak' hypothesis.
The pandemic's unequal toll on the research community, and a newly discovered mitochondria-like symbiosis.
A repository with millions of data points will track immunity and variant spread.
The surprising structure of protons, and a method for growing small intestines for transplantation.
Researchers in Japan are trying to understand why thunderstorms fire out bursts of powerful radiation.
What’s the endgame for the COVID-19 pandemic? Is a world without SARS-CoV-2 possible, or is the virus here to stay?
Researchers sequence the oldest DNA ever recovered, and the people bringing art and science together.
The science behind how and when to give vaccines doses.
Looking back at the publication of the human genome, and how macrophages mend muscle.
Researchers are scrambling to understand the biology of new coronavirus variants and the impact they might have on vaccine efficacy.
Exploring the properties of a vanishingly-rare man-made element, and the AI that generates new mathematical conjectures.