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Rise in profits for British Gas / Eastleigh on eve of by-election / UK's treatment of gay asylum-seekers / Afghanistan rediscovers football.
19 killed in balloon crash in Luxor / Can abuses by Afghan police be tackled ? / How humans "sell" themselves / Mormonism - the musical.
Putin signs Russia smoking ban / Day-Lewis makes Oscars history.
BBC publishes Savile inquiry evidence / China acknowledges 'cancer villages'.
New detective put on Pistorius case / Clogs shortage as Welsh folk dancing popularity increases.
4G mobile auction in Britain raises less than forecast / Previewing the Brit Awards.
National Health Service inquiry: zero-tolerance for poor standards / Tunisian protests erupt after assasination / Kraftwerk at Tate Modern.
MPs to vote on controversial same sex marriage bill / Victim of Irish Magdalene laundry tells of harrowing past / 60s cult Thunderbirds to return to tv screens
Former British cabinet minister pleads guilty to perverting the course of justice / Football match-fixing network unearthed / Car park skeleton is Richard III.
Police officer jailed for trying to sell info to journalists / Rank-and-file Conservative hostility to gay marriage / What next for Hillary Clinton ?
Israeli attack on Syrian convoy / Egypt - 2 years after Arab Spring began / Remembering the deadly floods of 1953 / How one man might make a fortune from whale vomit.
Major overhaul of police recruitment / Pakistani women abandoned by British husbands / Should Britons see their doctors more often ? / How poets find their inspiration.
UK government announces childcare reforms / Do cartoonists have the right to be offensive ? / Bill Gates says global battle against polio is nearly won.
French forces make gains in Mali / What happens when NATO leaves Afghanistan ? / Why "Pride and Prejudice" is still loved after 200 years.
Gloomy economic news for the UK / Shake-up in bailiff laws / Dr Feelgood guitarist's final tour
Cameron addresses Davos on EU / UK border agency under fire / High rises condemned / DNA database a reality
British PM pledges in/out referendum on European Union / Israel coalition talks begin / Confusion over Beyonce lip-syncing.
Death penalty for Bali drugs Briton / High turnout in Israeli election.
Algeria victim's brother speaks / UK snow chaos / Obama fans in DC
Heavy snow across UK / French Army helps Mali combat rebels / Lance Armstrong's TV confession / Why Ned Kelly still divides Australians / Turning pain into poetry.