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EU summit on help for Mali / Why UK car industry is thriving / How accents aren't always understood in Westminster / A lesson on thrift - in under 30 seconds.
Horse-meat found in UK beef products / Hostages taken in raid on Algerian gas installation / Is Ken Clarke leading attack on Euro-sceptics ? / The meaning of modern manners.
What will be the future of HMV ? / New guidelines on treating breast-cancer / Ex-minister urges radical reform of civil service / The power of public confession.
New pensions proposals unveiled / Alienation among N. Ireland Protestants / Why polio-eradication scheme had setback in Nigeria / UK peers urge legalisation of drugs / Golden Globes winners.
France 'ready to help Mali' / New Glock pistols for British forces / First duchess portrait unveiled.
Seven prison closures in England announced / Grown hearing-hairs 'beat' deafness / Lincoln leads Oscar nominations shortlist.
Probation contractors to be paid by results / Lead poisoning linked to crime rate / BAFTA nominations / 150 years of the London tube / Should Olympians be on reality TV?
Iain Duncan Smith proposes cap on benefit rises / Clashes in Belfast for a fifth night / Demonstrations for press freedom in Guangzhou / Australia wildfires / Green Party resolutions / Round the world yachtsman / David Bowie new single
UVF paramilitary involved in Belfast riots, say police / Healthy eating adverts / India rape accused in court / Avigdor Lieberman / Learning from traditional societies
David Cameron lays out NHS initiative / First hand transplant in the UK / Shot Pakistani girl leaves Birmingham hospital
Argentina renews claim to Falklands / Should winter fuel-allowances be reformed ? / The limits of a US president's power / Young Arab models challenging stereotypes / Quentin Tarantino on his latest film.
Global stocks rally after US fiscal deal / Family of Indian rape-victim speak to BBC / Britain's illegal drug-use / Tackling child-abuse after Savile revelations / Family of Briton murdered in Sri Lanka seek justice / Finding time for a little extra intimacy.
Ivory Coast stampede kills more than 60 / Health-workers killed in NW Pakistan / What will 2013 bring for UK media ? / Did a poltergeist haunt London house ? / "Thought for the Day" - Roman style.
Hillary Clinton in hospital / Deaths in UK police custody / Rowan Willams' legacy as Arcbishop of Canterbury / Multi-culturalism in action in east London / Why do Britons cling to their regional accents ? / What "Auld Lang Syne" actually means.
Owen Bennett-Jones is joined by some of the BBC's top correspondents as they give their predictions about what will shape our world next year. Producer: Linda Pressly
Putin makes US adoption ban law / Graphic anti-smoking advert launched in England.
English hospital plan to spot abuse victims / Sir Paul Nurse and the reporting of Science.
British minister plays down hunt ban vote / A rare look inside a Swiss gold refinery.
Fresh rain raises UK flood fears / Egypt awaits referendum result / Hunting for truffles.
Doctor struck off over Baha Moussa case / Greek crackdown on migrants / Hezbollah's support for Assad government / What will Zuma's re-election mean for South Africa ?