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Growing hostility in Greece towards migrants / Lord Patten responds to new criticism of BBC / How Syrian crisis affects Lebanon / Why being a solo rock star can shorten your life / Roma migrants in UK / US students offer "dial a carol" service for Xmas.
Pollard report finds serious failings by BBC management over Savile controversy / Court overturns Hillsborough "accidental death" verdicts / Netanyahu confident as Israeli election approaches / How to respond to a round-robin message.
The Queen attends Cabinet session / Zuma wins re-election as ANC leader / What did Mario Monti do for Italy ? / Young, in care - and in trouble with the law / Is shoplifting increasing ? / How 2012 made UK more attractive to the world.
Why have so many gun-massacres taken place at US schools ? / BBC investigation into chemists illegally selling dangerous drugs / Greek footballers being sponsored by brothel / How to respond to a round-robin Xmas message.
Released SAS soldier speaks to BBC / Stem cells from blood / Andrew Flintoff turns boxer
NewsPod: Leveson Report Nov. 29, 2012
Thousands of students may be in Britain illegally / Reports Assange suffering from chronic lung condition / Eating disorders promoted online
Alcohol minimum pricing / Possible 80's space plane comeback / European online dating capital.
Global economy set for a notable slowdown / Work programme in Britain misses job target / Isabelle Dinoire: Life after the world's first face transplant.
Travel hit in Britain as storms head north / Egypt's Morsi meets top judges / Stones 'still leading the pack'.
How Israelis and Palestinians cope as Gaza fighting continues / Plight of Syrian refugees who flee into Turkey / City trader jailed for immense fraud / Should parents criticise their children ? / Making art more popular.
Peace-talks held to resolve Gaza crisis / Cameron's pledge on EU budget / Collecting sounds from across the world / How 4 prisoners of war became birdwatching experts.
Mood in Israel and Gaza as fighting continues / Why so few people voted for new police commissioners / Sierra Leone's recovery / How will Lord McAlpine case affect UK media ? / Why nations believe they're in decline.
More deaths as Israelis and Palestinians bombard each other / How will China's new leader shape his country's future ? / Local theatre in England / Who created the Bayeux Tapestry ? / A nightingale that made broadcasting history.
Wave of anti-austerity strikes across Europe / Leaked report alleges UN failure on Sri Lanka / Inquiry into death of woman who was refused an abortion / Breakthrough in fight against MRSA ? / 90 years of BBC radio.
Abu Qatada released from prison / President Obama puts general's NATO nomination on hold / Vegetative patient 'speaks' to doctors through scanner.
New BBC head vows to get 'a grip' / Abu Qatada wins deportation case / Falklands governor, Rex Hunt, dies.
Lord McAlpine denies child sex accusations / New Archbishop speaks / Alan Bennett's new play
Chinese Communist Party meets to appoint new leaders / The blogger who predicted US election outcome / Training people to spot early signs of dementia / How UK's police deal with football matches / The musical influences that shaped Lucinda Williams.
What Obama's victory means for US and the world / Child protection in England under spotlight / Growing threat to Britain's ash trees
New enquiries ordered into North Wales children's homes / David Cameron vists the Gulf states / Should UK companies invest in Iraq ? / Coping with grief / The Conservative MP who's appearing on a reality TV show.