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Should UK universities accept funds from repressive regimes ? / When governments keep quiet about leaders' health / How a drunken spy nearly revealed British intelligence secrets.
Bank of England under scrutiny / US election close fight / Julian Barnes on importance of novel.
Conservative rebels have inflicted a bruising defeat on Cameron over Europe / Obama resumes election campaign after Sandy / The Nigerian army is accused of executions in its war against Islamist militants
New York assesses damage left by superstorm Sandy / Could tablets replace teachers? / How computers may soon write poetry.
Superstorm Sandy devastation / Fears of breast cancer "over-diagnosis" / Insight into former Poet Laureate
Warnings for Americans as Hurricane Sandy edges closer / Fresh concerns about Winterbourne View residents / New appeal for stolen Olympic bronze
Impact of Savile case on UK child-protection charities / Dozens killed in blast at Afghan mosque / How "respectable" London youths planned lethal stabbing / Does England need more stringent teacher-training ? / Why UK trees are so beautiful this autumn.
Will proposed welfare reforms work ? / BBC Chairman speaks on the Savile scandal / UK MPs say a viable Afghan state may not be feasible / Teaching the tone-deaf how to sing.
Crown Prosecution Service reviews 2009 decision not to investigate Jimmy Savile / Protecting Afghanistan's environment / What do Remembrance Day poppies represent ? / Why an overworked mum went on strike / The latest outing for James Bond.
Final televised US presidential debate / A Mexican city plagued by drugs war / How oysters benefit the UK's coast / Should nicknames be banned ?
Newsnight's editor steps down over the BBC's Jimmy Savile row / do we want to vote for police commissioners / the science behind the songs that won't leave your head
Savile criminal inquiry launched / Deadly blast hits Lebanon capital / Tarzan celebrates 100th birthday.
Activists say 28,000 disappeared in Syria / Twitter blocks neo-Nazi account / Museum of London showcases 'bodysnatchers'.
UK unemployment falls to 2.53m / Cameron 'appalled' by Serbia game / Man Booker won by Hilary Mantel.
UK blocks Gary McKinnon extradition order / Karadzic denies Bosnia war crimes / Google told to fix privacy policy.
British PM says Scottish referendum will end uncertainty / Girl shot by Taliban reaches UK / 40 years on - Roxy Music's Bryan Ferry.
Hillsborough police crime probe / Nobel Peace Prize awarded to European Union / Pilot badger culls to resume in southern England.
More women allege sexual abuse by Jimmy Savile / Julia Gillard's tirade against "sexist" opponent / How Booker Prize nominee drew on his experience of heroin-addiction / You can help the BBC fill gaps in its archives.
Cameron's stark message for the UK / Jimmy Savile's gravestone removed / why is food so expensive? / why the world's going wild about Gangnam style
Angela Merkel visits Athens / IRA "supergrass" claims security forces have abandoned him / Should Britain love its bankers ? / Pete Townshend on his life in music / Is Miranda Hart as she seems ?