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For over 5 years, Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young have brought you the best of the worst of the internet. From BBLiveshow to NSFW, from live events at DragonCon to Nerdtacular, BB and JRY want nothing more than to make you laugh so hard that you feel guilty and ashamed. We're everything that's right about the internet being so wrong. After half a decade, we've decided to take our show independent. If you're a long time fan, nothing's changed except we can now do whatever we want... So, I guess a lot has changed.

The kids are coming over for a Christmas party...but it's dinosaur themed? Also, dinosaur fucking, illustrated. Plus, Santa joins direct from the North Pole to answer your letters. And of course a Movie Draft update and your emails to


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Brian's very proud of stealing Justin's words. Bonnie hates babies (of the Muppet variety). Plus, we're joined by positivity streamer Lobro to take a crack at a new round of News6: The News...That Six. And of course your emails to []( I might've sharted a diamond! Check out Lobro on …
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We're so tired and we're trying our very best. There's a farter in Congress!!! Jason Murphy has become a cyborg. Plus, a new game "Two Plu's and a No" and your emails to []( Please don't sniff me! Powered by our friends at DogHouse Systems. Go to and use …
298 Episode #298: WORTHLESS Nov. 14, 2019
Bonnie's given (art) notice! Bullying Bryce over an anti-bullying PSA? Plus, who is a calendar master in the new game, "Now or Then?" And your emails to Go ahead, fire it empty! Subscribe to Justin's "Politics Politics Politics" podcast feed for the first episode of "Raise the Dead," his …
Brian's found his nose. JuRY didn't realize his booking power levels. Plus, a new game "Nature or Not-sure?" and your emails to [](
296 Episode #296: Trickle Treat Oct. 31, 2019
It's a spooky Night Attack and the end of the exclusive murder of young women. Bonnie wrangled a crowd in her neighborhood with Night Attack-style comedy and is looking for a new car. Plus, a spooky new edition of our favorite game "Apologizes For..." and your emails to []( Snoop …
Halloween is coming up and a quiet Virginia town is taking drastic action. It's #AintNoLaws week! Plus, The Hard Times's Bill and Matt join us to talk about their new book, "The Hard Times: The First 40 Years," and we look at more crazy AliExpress items! Go back to Virginia, …
294 Episode #294: The Virgin Vurp Oct. 17, 2019
All the hottest, sharpest insights from tonight's Democratic debate. Justin was given a shot--what did he do!!! Plus, a spooooky edition of the long- forgotten game "I Said What?!" Primary at Bernie's!
Brevity is for c-words. Marking out trails on the new Seven Acre Shwood...or is it an old woman? Plus, a new bit/game: "Are You REALLY The Asshole?" Plus your emails on China and podcast reviews to []( It's a check-book-wedding!
The OG Britto, Wil Harris, is back in-studio since his 2017 Nerdtacular appearance. We have a chance of a lifetime to win a...Grammy?! But we need your help! Plus, a new round of News6, The News...That 6. Hey-Bossing a mountain! Check out Wil's new AI-powered podcast player Entale
It's the first Night Attack from the Diamond Club Studios at the Seven Acre Shwood. Andrew Heaton from The Political Orphanage joins us to talk about the new space, vetoes, and window pane pain. Plus, we christen the space with a new round of "Apologizes For." Fuck-muppet!
It's the final broadcast from Brian's home podcast studio--we're moving to the new compound this week! A brief trip down memory lane. Plus, Jack Allison from JackAM is on to talk Twitter beefs made real and play the new, legally- original game "Connection Activity '19!" I've considered dick length! Check …
Justin's back from Dragon*Con, Brian's leaking details on his studio fundraiser, and Kaiser Snorezé. Plus, a new Wikipedia music page game and your emails to []( Deeply dippy!
Brian, Justin, Bonnie, and Bryce are joined at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival with special guests Tom Merritt, Korey Coleman, and Martin Thomas for tales of ye old stone and a new round of "Start-Up Spelling Bee!"
Justin is in-town and we're joined with voice actor Brett Weaver for a rip- roaring good time, plus a...suspect new game "HGTV or Human Trafficking?" and your emails to []( Check out Brett's podcast "2 Beers In":
Things escalate in the Brushwood house. Well, not even in the Brushwood house! Plus, a new news game, "News6" and your (theft-y) emails to []( Frowning elbows! Night Attack is performing at the Out of Bounds Festival in Austin, TX on August 27. Get tickets: And see Justin …
285 Episode #285: .69 Aug. 14, 2019
Tales from DEF CON; wrinkled, grizzled, entirely-normal-looking genitalia; and a new game, "Spurious Correlation." Plus, your emails to []( SIXTY-NINE! Night Attack is performing live at the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival August 27, 2019 in Austin, TX. Get your tickets or badges now at
284 Episode #284: Oh Hi, $45 Aug. 8, 2019
Con season is among us--Brian and Justin are going to DEF CON and then Jurbs is at Dragon*Con being a boss. A new game about Cameo: Cameo or Came-Uh-Oh. Plus, your emails to [](! *slide whistle noise*