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NodeUp is a podcast about Node.js

Bradley Farias is joined by Daiyi Peng and Anna Henningsen for a multi- threading deep dive!


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123 - V8 and Node.js Dec. 4, 2017
V8 and Node.js
Dan Shaw and Rich Trott chat about the state of Node!
Bradley Farias is joined by Mathias Buus and Paul Frazee for a peer-to-peer deep dive!
120 - Modern Modules Oct. 3, 2017
Mikeal Rogers has transitioned from his leadership role at the Node.js Foundation out of administrative work. With his new role at Samsung, Mikeal has been deep in code and diving deep into the patterns emerging as the JS platform evolves with new language syntax like async/await. We’ll explore the many ...
Rod Vagg chats with Trevor Livingston!
Rod Vagg chats with Nathan White!
117 - 1:1 w/ Emily Rose Aug. 21, 2017
Rod Vagg chats with Emily Rose!
Bradley Farias is joined by Charlie Robbins and Guillermo Rauch for a distribution deep dive!
Bradley Farias is joined by Steven R. Loomis and Martin Heidegger for an internationalization deep dive!
Bradley Farias is joined by Fedor Indutny and Thorsten Lorenz for a debugging deep dive!
112 - 1:1 w/ Suz Hinton Jan. 11, 2017
Rod Vagg chats with Suz Hinton!
Rod Vagg chats with a bunch of interesting people at Node Interactive!
Rod Vagg chats with Myles Borins!
Rod Vagg chats with James Kyle about Babel, Flow, Lerna, Yarn and lots more!
108 - 1:1 w/ James Snell Oct. 19, 2016
Rod Vagg chats with James Snell about Node v7, new URL support, HTTP2, error labels, ES modules and lots more!
Rod Vagg chats with Jessica Lord!
Rod Vagg chats with Guillermo Rauch!
Rich Trott is joined by Mikeal Rogers, Bert Belder and Danese Cooper to talk about companies that are investing in the Node ecosystem!
Rod Vagg chats with Feross Aboukhadijeh!