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A movie review podcast that traverses the stream of Hollywood sequels, reboots, and franchises by reviewing every installment in a series, start to finish.

Hear the voice of God… or at least podcasters Arnie, Stuart, and Jakob… when you receive an exclusive show devoted to Amadeus. Was Mozart (Tom Hulce) murdered by jealous court composer Salieri (F Murray Abraham) in an elaborate plot to steal away his final musical composition? And didn’t the cackling brat kind of deserve it for being such an irresponsible husband and disappointing celebrity in person? Find out why this 1780 costume drama became one of the biggest hits of the 1980s when you become a Now Playing Patron this January.


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'70s TV execs discounted Aaron Spelling's idea for a Charlie's Angels show because there was no man to come and save them. Well, a lot has changed in the last 40 years and the women are just fine saving themselves...and even some men who get in trouble. ...
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What’s up Doc?
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Come with me if you don’t want to relive McG’s Salvation and “Pops”
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Free the Three (From Hell Podcast)
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There’s going to be hell to pay for this decision.
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Do you know how I got these emotional scars?
You know the difference between Vincent Price and me? Will makes this look gooood!