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America feels divided. From the most salient questions about our national identity and place in the world, to fundamental concerns about technology, religion, the economy, and public policy, Intelligence Squared U.S. is here to help. A respite from polarized discussions, we bring together the smartest minds to debate and dissect issues in depth, restoring civility and bringing intelligence to the public square in the process.

with Mark Jamison, Kunal Chopra, Rana Foroohar, and Stacy Mitchell
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with Sheryll Cashin and Freddie DeBoer
Is Cancel Culture Toxic? Aug. 19, 2022
You know the drill. Someone does, or says, something offensive. A public backlash -- typically on Twitter -- ensues. Then come the calls to "cancel" that person, brand, or institution. That usually means the loss of cultural cache, political clout, and often a job or career. While the term "cancelling" …
with Barbara Comstock and Tom Ginsburg
with Amy Webb, Michael Gibney, Kevin Hall and Marion Nestle
with Caitlin Zaloom, Mehrsa Baradaran, Beth Akers and Nick Gillespie
with Michael McFaul, Radan Kanev, Emma Ashford and Jonas Shaende
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