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The economy explained. Imagine you could call up a friend and say, "Meet me at the bar and tell me what's going on with the economy." Now imagine that's actually a fun evening.

The Very First Vaccine June 10, 2020
We've only made vaccines for so many diseases. Let's look at the history. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter [here](
We look at the data connecting police unions and police violence. Today's episode comes from our daily podcast, [The Indicator]( Subscribe to our weekly newsletter [here](
When the economy tanks, does money just vanish? Why are home prices still so high? You asked these and other questions. We try to answer. | Subscribe to our weekly newsletter [here](
Small-town internet is often terrible... though not for lack of trying. Today on the show, one small city starts their own service provider only to get trolled by Big Internet.
Three Big Ideas May 27, 2020
Spend billions on vaccine factories we'll never use. Set up autopay to send checks to almost everybody. Build a giant bubble for an entire sports league.
J. Screwed May 23, 2020
This month, J.Crew went bankrupt. But not before inventing a whole new way of thinking about promises to lenders.
In March, Congress passed the CARES act. But the stroke of a pen only does so much. This episode — two stories from the Indicator about how $2.2 trillion gets from Congress to you.
Episode 1,000 May 16, 2020
We did it! Planet Money is officially 1,000. And to thank all of our listeners for joining us on this heck of a ride — we're gonna let you in on our secrets...
The restaurant industry has gotten walloped in this pandemic — 5.5 million unemployed or furloughed. Yet, one guy wants to expand.
The Federal Reserve's response to coronavirus has made it maybe the most important institution in the world right now. This episode, we go down to the Fed to talk about why.
Georgia is one of the first states to reopen non-essential businesses. This episode, business owners answer the question: Can you safely reopen a business right now? Should you?
About That Hazard Pay May 1, 2020
Many essential workers right now are low paid. And they're being asked to risk more. Titles got fancier but their job got worse. So... why aren't these workers getting paid more?
Buybacks And Bailouts April 30, 2020
In a viral video about billionaires, buybacks, and bailouts, a deep question that's been simmering since the last financial crisis has reemerged: Who deserves to fail?
Making It Work April 24, 2020
Lockdown has changed how people spend money. Some companies are doing unexpectedly well. This episode: Farm animals, a crafty comeback, Clint Eastwood, and a story with a twist.
Negative Oil April 23, 2020
On Monday the price of a barrel of oil in the United States fell below zero. Specifically, it fell to a negative $37 a barrel. Today on the show — what just happened?
The Mask Mover April 17, 2020
During this pandemic, getting PPE has turned into a free-for-all — states competing against states. To even have a chance... well, you kind of have to know a guy.
Lives Vs. The Economy April 15, 2020
The economy will start back up again. When it does, it'll be because someone decided that it was worth the lives risked, and lost. Today on the show: How that decision is made.
This past week, millions of small business owners have been trying to take advantage of a $349 billion rescue program.
We follow the distress from a laid-off worker, to her landlord, to the multi- trillion-dollar global mortgage market.
Bellevue is the oldest public hospital in the nation. It's seen everything, and survived everything. But even they might not have enough beds for the COVID peak. Here's why.