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In the aftermath of the Pittsburgh killings, many are seeing a connection between President Trump's anti-immigrant speeches and the attack, which targeted a synagogue that helped refugees.


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A rural county in Washington declared the opioid epidemic a life-threatening emergency. It uses a multiagency coordination group straight out of FEMA's playbook to respond to the crisis.
A recent book recounts the brutal lynching of 14-year-old Emmett Till in 1955. In it, the woman who accused the boy of assault admits she was lying. The FBI has reopened the murder investigation.
Cesar Altieri Sayoc was arrested after more devices were found on Friday. Packages have been sent to at least 11 targets this week, all of whom are critics or opponents of President Trump.
Meth is back "with a vengeance," police say. Now made mostly by superlabs in Mexico, it is stronger, cheaper and more prevalent, cutting across demographic barriers and sparking serious crime.
President Trump has been keeping fact-checkers busy with his campaign claims of Middle Eastern migrants and a 10 percent middle-class tax cut.
Eight of the top 10 states with the highest suicide rates are in the Mountain West. Grand Junction, Colo., has launched an ambitious effort starting in the schools to try to address the problem.
College campuses are growing increasingly concerned about how to keep students safe amid a national opioid crisis. Some schools provide free and easy access to drugs that can reverse an overdose.
The creator of the hit show about a trans woman and her family says patriarchy and white supremacy have a hold on storytelling in Hollywood — and other people want a chance to speak.
An obit for a young mother who died after struggling with addiction gained national attention this week. Her sister wants to remind readers: "So many people with addiction don't resemble the photo."
The European Space Agency's BepiColombo will take seven years to reach the innermost planet in our solar system, where temperatures at the surface can reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit.
Prison rules created to control men often don't work well for women, who come with different histories and experiences. "Gender-responsive corrections" aims to treat women based on these differences.
The midterm elections will determine which party controls the House and Senate for the next two years — and that could have a major effect on the future of U.S. health policy.
Data from 15 states reveal that female inmates are disciplined at higher rates than men for smaller infractions of prison rules — often with harsh consequences.
RJ Young developed an interest in guns in order to bond with his white father- in-law. The experience is chronicled is his new book, _Let It Bang_.
Crews are working to replace pipelines, but with temperatures expected to drop, officials are also arranging alternative housing, including trailer parks.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell discusses the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and the upcoming midterm elections.
A divided Senate voted 50 to 48 to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the high court. The bitter campaign could leave a mark on his reputation and on public confidence in the institution, legal experts say.
Deborah Blum's book, _The Poison Squad_ , tells how Harvey Washington Wiley and his band of chemists crusaded to remove toxins, such as arsenic and borax, from food. How? By testing them on volunteers.
Hotels and casinos are turning more and more to technology, and according to one estimate, the city could lose up to two-thirds of its jobs to automation by 2035.