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NASA and SpaceX are welcoming home two astronauts who splashed down safely in the Gulf of Mexico after several months on the International Space Station.


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New college graduates fortunate enough to land jobs during the pandemic begin their careers under bizarre circumstances — they often haven't met their bosses and coworkers in person.
The coronavirus triggered the sharpest economic contraction in modern history in the second quarter as the pandemic hammered the economy, the Commerce Department said Thursday.
For the first time, CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google will appear together before a House panel Wednesday to answer lawmakers about whether they're using their power to squash competition.
NPR's Steve Inskeep talks with Barbara Ferrer, director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, about how the county has become a hotspot.
Housing advocates and landlords alike say if Congress doesn't extend or replace the extra payments expiring this weekend, millions of out-of-work Americans won't be able to afford to pay their rent.
COVID-19 cases are on the rise across the country, and that's prompting city leaders in some of the hardest hit places — Seattle, Chicago and Atlanta — to consider closing down again.
Millions of Americans who lost jobs during the pandemic are in danger of having their incomes cut for a second time. The sudden halt in payments would be felt in households and throughout the economy.
If the electric carmaker enters the S&P; 500 index, as is widely expected, Wall Street's most controversial stock would start appearing in even the most mainstream investment accounts.
An NPR investigation found doctors and dentists are still prescribing large amounts of opioids, putting millions at risk of addiction, overdose and death.
The Department of Veterans Affairs is no longer blocking several schools that the Federal Trade Commission penalized for deceptive advertising from enrolling GI Bill students.
Wednesday is the deadline for Americans to file their tax returns. Thousands of IRS agents are still working from home, and many of the volunteers have been sidelined by the pandemic.
In the age of COVID-19, most people follow social distancing and mask guidelines when they enter stores and restaurants. But then there are the nightmare customers who won't comply.
Germicidal ultraviolet light technology has a proven track record against indoor transmission of tuberculosis and other airborne viruses. It's now being used in some restaurants and on subways.
Pub owners in the United Kingdom have to deal with all the beer that became dated during the lockdown. When disposed of properly, suppliers will give them credit for beer that wasn't sold.
Applications for jobless benefits are up again. "What we're seeing now is that lots more people who are unemployed are going to be unemployed for a longer period of time," economist Nick Bunker says.
The government's Paycheck Protection Program was intended to help small businesses during the pandemic keep workers on staff. But a lot of the recipients weren't exactly small businesses.
Restaurants, retail shops, and other service industries are starting to bounce back from the deep recession. But those gains could be jeopardized by a rise in new coronavirus infections.
While much of the country is mired in economic hardship, a small group has emerged richer. They've benefited from a buoyant stock market and tax code changes that have favored the wealthy.
The Labor Department issues its monthly report on employment and unemployment Thursday. The job market is slowly recovering from a tidal wave of layoffs triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.