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Secret recordings and corruption allegations made the Georgia Republican gubernatorial runoff ugly. Then, President Trump surprised the party with an endorsement less than a week before the election.


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Actors and spoken-word artists Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal wrote and star in a buddy comedy finely attuned to race and class politics. Of course, they set it in their hometown.
Chris Gagin, former chairman for the Republican Party in Ohio's Belmont County, stands by his choice to resign after President Trump appeared to back Russian President Putin at a Helsinki conference.
Growing up, young residents in the region didn't sense much of a divide between the two countries. But crossing the border these days, says Kenia Guerrero, 23, of Mexico, "You are sometimes afraid."
Elizabeth Warren and other senators fired tough questions at Kathy Kraninger, President Trump's nominee to run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
The Trump administration faces the same challenge as its predecessors: if you cannot detain immigrant families, how do you ensure they show up for hearings and deportation?
Fallout and analysis continues from the U.S.-Russia summit in which President Trump didn't acknowledge Kremlin interference in 2016 U.S. election.
Thomas Graham was President George W. Bush's Russia adviser on the National Security Council. NPR's Michel Martin asks him what President Trump should be asking of Putin when they meet Monday.
Deborah Watts, a cousin of Emmett Till, talks with NPR's Michel Martin about the reopening of Till's murder investigation and the potential justice and healing it could bring to his relatives.
In Vancouver, drug users run their own safe injection sites. Public health officials are taking note of how they operate — peers helping each other stay alive in a judgment-free zone.
Two Central American fathers in El Paso were just released from ICE custody and reunited with their toddlers. Attorneys say the reunification process is ongoing, but haphazard and poorly coordinated.
Russian influence-mongers appear to have created a number of fake local news Twitter accounts — and spent years posting real headlines.
President Trump bitterly criticizes many NATO member countries for not spending more on defense and says they owe the U.S. "massive amounts of money." The reality is more complicated.
A large number of Senate Democrats immediately announced that they plan to vote against him, largely on fears that he could tip the Supreme Court further against abortion rights.
Trade tensions have reached a boiling point with tit-for-tat tariffs between the U.S. and China. But even before these levies went into effect other tariffs were having a big impact on U.S. companies.
Interviews with more than 50 Republican voters in various states found many parts of the GOP coalition are feeling well-served and ready to defy Trump critics by showing up to vote in November.
The problems facing the mainland in the aftermath of hurricanes Irma and Maria didn't skip this remote Puerto Rican island. But tourists still come and houses continue to sell.
The agency's next acting chief has drawn praise as a capable administrator. But critics still say the transition from Scott Pruitt is a bit like "going from a train wreck to a house on fire."
A new round of tariffs began Friday. The cost of the levies is likely to ripple through the complex global supply chains that make up much of the trade between the U.S. and China.
The fourth installment in the dystopian movie series comes out July 4. Neda Ulaby considers why this grim horror franchise resonates so strongly with audiences right now.