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There is no one profile of a school shooter, but whole-school approaches to mental health and discipline have the potential to reduce violence.


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At least 17 people are dead after a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in the town of Parkland, Fla. The Broward Sherrif's Office says the suspect is in custody.
"Why are these people so crazy?" Caldwell wondered when she first watched aerials skiing at age 12. Now she's the women's world champion, spinning and somersaulting some 60 feet high in the air.
President Trump has unveiled his spending priorities Monday, calling for more spending on the military, border security and the opioid crisis.
As the Senate turns to immigration, there's also a lot at stake for the young undocumented immigrants known as DREAMers — and for millions of their family members, too.
Congress passed a budget deal this week to avert a government shutdown. NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Republican Congressman Bill Flores of Texas about why he voted for the budget.
A visit to Rancho Tehama shows a small, rural community still struggling with the fallout from last fall's massacre in which a gunman killed five townspeople and wounded 12 others.
Wall Street's roller coaster continued Thursday, with all the major stock indexes posting drops of about 4 percent amid inflation concerns. The market has now tumbled 10 percent from its recent peak.
Senate leaders have reached a budget pact to increase spending for the Pentagon and domestic programs, offering a reprieve from fiscal fights that have been a cloud over Capitol Hill.
The cluster, found in central Appalachia and first reported by NPR, indicates that a disease once thought to be on the decline is still a common killer among coal miners.
Two new studies confirm that an outbreak of deadly Legionnaires' disease in Flint, Mich., was caused by the city's water crisis in 2014 and 2015.
Gloria Allred has waged legal battles on behalf of victims of sexual assault, discrimination and harassment for decades. In a new documentary, _Seeing Allred,_ she shares her story in her own word _s._
Varying levels of preparedness were on display at an Orlando meeting between Florida election officials and staffers from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission.
Publication of the memo followed a bruising fight in Washington and deepened a nasty public dispute between the White House and its own FBI and Justice Department.
For a surprising number of people who appear to have epilepsy, the real problem is psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, a little-known condition.
As she leaves the Fed's top job, Janet Yellen gets high marks for the way she resisted calls to raise interest rates as the economy began recovering. Instead, she was determined to boost job growth.
Following the WAMU/NPR investigation into policy violations at Ballou High School, a new report shows that across the District, such violations were found in 937 of 2,758 graduating students' records.
The Federal Emergency Management Agency has delivered millions of meals and gallons of water since Hurricane Maria devastated the island. Four months later, it says that help is no longer needed.
Historically, the speech lays out a president's agenda. Speechwriter Jennifer Grossman tells NPR's Michel Martin why she thinks President Trump's address on Tuesday won't influence policy.
Patrisse Khan-Cullors' new memoir recalls the female origins of the movement and the "deep contradiction" of being labeled the enemy.