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Off The Hook a podcast from 2600: The Hacker Quarterly. It discusses the hacker's view of the emerging technology, and the threats posed by an increasingly Orwellian society. Hear updates on security flaws from the hacker perspective, as well as the latest news from within the hacker community. Follow us on Twitter @HackerRadioShow and Mastodon

Rob has long covid, speeding tickets from foreign countries, judge grants Trump's request for special master to review documents, DDoSecrets publishes Oath Keepers leaked data, Cloudflare reverses course and blocks Kiwi Farms.


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Alex is in another part of the world, (im)patience around the world, keeping the wild boars out, an upgrade to stereo, former Twitter security chief Peiter “Mudge” Zatko accuses company of cybersecurity negligence, listener email.
Alex is on a plane, HOPE videos are online, don't say bad things about Apple, Alex was on the front page of the New York Times, fighting with YouTube's copyright bots, listener emails, FEMA warns of vulnerabilities in EAS devices, Anonymous hacks CCP website.
Getting the HOPE videos online, US federal courts system data breach, European missile manufacturer data breach, Rob and Gila are back, Winamp is back, listener email.
Greg Newby, Volt4ire, Alex, Mitch Altman and Liz Gorski are on to discuss the 14th HOPE conference that took place this weekend, how HOPE ended up at St. John's University, hanging out after hours, an overview of some of the talks and workshops, the May Contain Hackers conference was occurring …
HOPE is next week, the pandemic isn't over, Elon Musk wants to pull out of the Twitter deal, roadside message board "hacked", Google location history used to fight parking charge, Disneyland's Instagram account hacked, data breach exposes info on 1 billion Chinese citizens.
Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade, technological measures to protect your privacy, questioning the Supreme Court's legitimacy, the role of social media in political discourse, hackers target pro-life organizations.
Bandwidth problems, British Columbia internet outage, new DoJ policy regarding CFAA charges, HOPE update, Facebook collecting highly sensitive info on abortion seekers, 4.3 million Brits hack their neighbor's Wi-Fi, UK protecting phone boxes in areas that need them, anonymous hacker served restraining order via NFT, AOL 3.0 resurrected by hackers.
Big Tech problems, email is falling out of favor, Elon Musk to get access to raw Twitter data, Bored Ape Yacht Club hacked, listener emails, NY passes electronics right to repair law.
The death of NYC payphones has been greatly exaggerated, LinkNYC kiosks and anonymity, HOPE update, Supreme Court temporarily blocks Texas's social media moderation law.
HOPE update, Elan Musk may be getting cold feet, NY Governor Hochul proposing a series of measures to combat domestic terrorism, Congress holds hearing on UAPs, eavesdropping on 6G wireless signals, millions of Teslas vulnerable to hacking, Russian hackers attempted to disrupt Eurovision voting.
It's illegal to demonstrate outside a Supreme Court justice's house, Russian state TV and financial companies hacked, Russian hackers target ventilators in British hospitals, HOPE update, Google Docs bug crashes documents, Elan Musk would reverse Trump's Twitter ban, controversial Texas social media law allowed to take effect by appeals court.
Skype problems, Supreme Court draft opinion on abortion case leaks, data broker was selling location data of people who visit abortion clinics, Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter, US attempting to extradite British citizen over cryptocurrency conference.
Testing positive for COVID, Florida judge overturns CDC travel mask mandate, Brazilian judge fines Apple for not including charger with new phones, listener emails, an update on Virgil Griffith, warnings of an APT threat to the energy sector.
Virgil Griffith sentenced to five years in federal prison and fined $100,000 for speaking at a North Korean cryptocurrency conference.
Skyrocketing rents are driving out smaller independent NYC businesses, Russian Federal Air Transport Agency suffers cyberattack, Russia threatens to fine Wikipedia over misinformation, retro computer museum in Mariupol destroyed in bombing, listener emails, HOPE 2022 updates, roadside message boards hacked, Russian hackers target NATO.
Listener emails, Microsoft and Okta reportedly hacked, Karina Shedrofsky - Head of Research at the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project joins the panel to discuss their public database of oligarch assets.
Meta platforms change hate speech policy, Anonymous helping to spread information to Russian citizens, Emma Best from Distributed Denial of Secrets joins the panel to discuss the leak of Russian government censorship data.
Hacking Russian satellites, Anonymous attacks against Russia, Conti ransomware group chat logs leaked, Russia could disconnect itself from the internet, the Ukrainian shortwave interval signal, support for Ukraine comes in many forms, collapse of Russia's secure comms network, BBC resurrects shortwave broadcasts to Russia.
Nearly all of the cryptocurrency that was stolen from Poly network has been returned, Taliban seizes US military biometrics devices, Will Byrne - Director of the Human Rights First Innovation Lab - joins the panel to discuss this issue, millions of cellphone subscribers affected by multiple data breaches.