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Conversations & tips from expert IT Pro’s & Developers covering a wide range of programming, systems, & software issues: .NET Framework, WCF, WPF, ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight, PowerShell, VSTS, VSTO, LINQ, SQL Server, Data-binding, and SharePoint.

Luca Bolognese provides an under-the-covers view of how programming languages are designed within Microsoft. Learn about how features are evaluated before being adopted into a language, and why sometimes excellent features are rejected.
Pearson's very own Brandon Prebynski is on hand at Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in LA with author interviews, news events, and more.
Luca Bolognese discusses the future and co-evolution of C# and VB .NET with Ted Neward.
Luca Bolognese, Lead Program Manager for the C#, VB and F# languages/compilers and the DLR framework, discusses his presentation at PDC 2009. Learn about functional trends in C# and VB .NET
SQL Server expert Eric Johnson teaches "Accidental DBAs" the basic building blocks of SQL Server maintenance in a no-nonsense, approachable way. Topics include installation, database overview, backing up and restoring databases and more.
Paul Deitel, has taught C#, C++, and Java at organizations ranging from IBM to Sun Microsystems to NASA. With the powerful videos included in this LiveLesson, you'll learn C# fundamentals, object-oriented programming, and event-driven programming.
Brian Noyes takes you through comprehensive visual training and shows you how to build software that takes full advantage of this revolutionary new product.
Learn about some of the new feautures with a preview of C# 4.0 from the inventor of the language; Anders Hejlsberg and his co-author, Scott Wiltamuth.
Eric Havir and Robert Levy discuss their MS Surface Session at PDC 2009 on the topic of MS Surface and Windows 7 Alignment. Learn about their favorite MS Surface applications.
Learn how to get started with developing applications for Microsoft Surface from the Surface Program Manager. Learn where to download the Surface SDK and Surface Simulator.
Learn about Microsoft's Multi-touch road map, and gain valuable insights on Surface alignment with WPF 4 and Windows 7. Learn about multi-user object recognition and the Surface simulation tool, and how to obtain the Surface SDK.
Paul Yao, David Durant, and Ted Neward discuss the fragmentation of mobile development platforms. Learn about the signigicant differences between iPhone, Andriod, and the Windows Mobile Compact Framework from the developer perspective.
David Durant and Paul Yao discuss the relationship between the Windows Mobile platform and the .NET Compact Framework 3.5. Learn about their thoughts on the iPhone platform.
Visual Basic IDE Program Manager, Dustin Campbell, speaks with Peter Golde and Ted Neward about the relationship between C# and Visual Basic (VB).
Visual Basic 10 Features Nov. 13, 2009
Dustin Campbell and Peter Golde speak with Ted Neward about new Visual Basic 10 (VB) features.
Get to know author Brian Noyes and his passion for Windows applications and technology. Find out what the video training has to offer and how you can benefit from learning the Windows Workflow.
Eileen Brown talks with Joe Schurman about what his book "Microsoft Voice and Unified Comunications" provides and why it's different. He gives examples of how to customize MVUC solutions today.
Dennis Wixon discusses Steve Seow's book, "Designing and Engineering Time." Learn how to build applications, websites, and software solutions that feel faster, more efficient, and more considerate of users’ time!
Steve Seow, author of "Designing and Engineering Time," discusses human timing and information theory models of human performance as it relates to software development and usability.
Dinesh Kulkarni presents the 7 essential qualities of LINQ to provide a comprehensive overview of Language-Integrated Query and where it's going in the future.