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Conversations & tips from expert IT Pro’s & Developers covering a wide range of programming, systems, & software issues: .NET Framework, WCF, WPF, ASP.NET AJAX, Silverlight, PowerShell, VSTS, VSTO, LINQ, SQL Server, Data-binding, and SharePoint.

Brad Abrams and Krzysztof Cwalina provide a sneak-peek of their PDC presentation on Framework Design Guidelines. Learn key lessons from 10 years of Framework Design.
Matt Milner discusses key components of Microsoft BizTalk Server.
Matt Milner provides valuable insights on Workflow Foundation (WF). Learn how to quickly build workflow enabled applications on Windows.
David Chappell discusses cloud computing. Learn about how this shift will change your career.
Jim Newkirk discusses the need for a next generation Unit Testing Framework and how xUnit.net ads extensibility and best practices to the framework.
Jim Newkirk, creator of NUnit, discusses his new Unit Testing Framework called xUnit.net. Learn about xUnit.net and Unit Testing best practices.
Steve Toub and Steve Teixeira discuss Concurrency and Parallel Computing and what they are building.
Steve Toub and Steve Teixeira discuss Concurrency and Parallel Computing and some solutions they've discovered.
Steve Toub and Steve Teixeira discuss Concurrency and Parallel Computing. Learn about the problems we are facing.
Brian Harry discusses changes in distributed team development.
Robert Bell provides an overview of Silverlight and cross platform interoperability.
Brian Harry, Team Foundation Server, learn about source control, data collection, reporting, and project tracking.
Robert Bell provides an overview of Silverlight and how it's used to build next generation web experiences.
Gratis versus Libre Free vs Free Social logical Effects on Technology and Software.
Michael Stiefel and Scott Hanselman discuss privacy issues and social implications associated with cloud computing.
Michael Stiefel discusses Software as a Service (SaaS) and Cloud Computing. Learn about data virtualization and portability.
Miguel Castro provides valuable insights to junior developers. Gain insights from an industry expert on how to rise above mediocrity and jump-start your career.
Miguel Castro discusses his experiences with Code Generation. Learn about Code Optimization and how expertly designed databases can assist in shipping high quality software.
Miguel Castro discusses patterns of extensibility. Learn about plug in, and module patterns.
Kerrie Meyler & Cameron Fuller discuss Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and present their book, Microsoft® System Center Operations Manager 2007 Unleashed. Coverage includes planning, installing, and implementing OpsMgr. Part 2.