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Open MetalCast is a podcast dedicated to promoting Creative Commons metal music. There’s a lot of great Creative Commons licensed music out there, but finding great Creative Commons licensed metal music can be tough. This show scours the net to find the best Creative Commons licensed metal music to bring to your ears.

At Open Metalcast Headquarters we take pride in putting together the finest Creative Commons Metal Music available. But sometimes an episode takes on a life of its own. What started off as a pretty straightforward episode suddenly took a few … Continue reading ->


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Here at the Open Metalcast Headquarters we're always acquiring Creative Commons metal music for the show. We carefully select the finest CC-licensed metal music and run it through a scientific process to ensure the best listening experience possible
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Here at Open Metalcast Headquarters we've prided ourselves on being punctual with the delivery of Creative Commons Metal Music to your bloodstream via our easy-to-listen podcast format. But sometimes the deliveries are a later than we would like and
Recently we at the Open Metalcast headquarters watched an episode of "Dirty Money" where they talked about the heist of the Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve in Canada. Barrels of syrup were removed and in their place were placed barrels of &#8230
Welcome back to Open Metalcast where we kick off 2018 with more of the great Creative Commons Licensed Metal Music that you've come to know and enjoy. We've got an amazing line-up of music to start off 2018 including tracks … Continue re
I'm alone… (00:14) Disappear by Mordida from The Wind Ashes (BY-NC-ND) (04:40) Утро (Synthematika Edit) by Spin Provider from Synthematika One (BY-NC-ND) (09:04) O.B.M.P.S.F. (Smoke Breath) by D1sh1tu from RE-BirtH (BY-SA) (13:59) Riders on th
If you're anything like me you pretty much started the holiday season already sick of holiday music. Worse, you likely have seen all of the top albums of the year lists that you care to see. Here at Open Metalcast … Continue reading ->
Sometimes when I'm listening to a lot of music my mind wanders. It's really easy to get lost in some of these auditory soundscapes. And this episode presents quite the journey starting with Âstillian, Deaden, NASHGUL, Deathsurrection, Incinery
Over the lifespan of digital music there has been a constant desire to control the copying of the data. Various watermarking and copy-protection schemes were put in place to ensure that folks wouldn't share music. But no matter how protected …
When putting together an Open Metalcast show sometimes they take on a life of their own. While I try not to make "themed" shows some sections tend to get a bit of a theme to them. Sometimes the theme is … Continue reading ->
We got a little off-schedule from the last show but it was most certainly not because of a lack of great metal music. So much great music was released lately including brand new Hela and split between Ah Ciliz and … Continue reading ->
Every time I think about the varieties of sound that are conveyed by 16 bits at 44.1KHz it boggles my imagination. So many bits, so many possibilities. One moment it can play brutal death metal, the next a brief punk … Continue reading ->
This episode is a tribute to those little bits of plastic, metal, and silicone that help keep us sane during the day. This is also dedicated to the friends of the show that help keep it going via sending albums … Continue reading ->