Access All: Disability news and talk

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Weekly podcast about mental health, wellbeing and disabled people. Life stories and solutions with a friendly touch – for listeners around the world. Presented by Nikki Fox.

Starting nursery and back-to-school fears after isolating
Kate's body aches so she can't always be there for her wife.
The unique challenges that come with having a learning disability and being LGBT
Snow, vaccines and parenting in pain.
The day of the jab Feb. 12, 2021
Before, during and after Holly's Covid vaccination
That feeling of shame and how to avoid it
Shielder Holly could not accompany her wife into the crematorium.
Holly has been shielding for 11 months and frustration is growing
The disabled 18-year-old and his mum on communication, care and fulfilling potential.
As Lockdown returns so does our Isolation Diaries podcast
Raf and Ashley share their stories of being detained under the Mental Health Act.
Actress Donna Lavin on WFH, screaming at walls and struggles with masks.
Meet our new duo who talk about the awkward stuff so you don’t have to
The Christmas quiz featuring festive dilemmas and the big disability news of the year.
Loneliness levels in the UK are at their highest – so how are disabled people coping?
‘Well Defined Chaos’ Nov. 13, 2020
The 1800 Seconds on Autism podcast is back
The DDA and Me Nov. 8, 2020
Nikki Fox speaks to young and old disabled guests around the podcast table.
CripTales: Thunderbox Nov. 6, 2020
It is 1968 and a disabled woman is pregnant. What next?
Liz Carr’s character thinks her neighbour is a benefits cheat.
CripTales: Audition Nov. 4, 2020
Disabled actor Mat Fraser relives his best and worst auditions