Access All: Disability news and talk

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Weekly podcast about mental health, wellbeing and disabled people. Life stories and solutions with a friendly touch – for listeners around the world. Presented by Nikki Fox.

High emotions, robot helpers and eggs
Robyn and Jamie from the 1800 Seconds on Autism podcast, join the Cabin Fever team.
Lack of exercise and support causes Kate physical pain
Twelve years after being sectioned, Hannah chose a tough time to return to nursing.
Kate's isolation diary continues with guilt, DIY and picky eating.
The challenge of lip-reading during coronavirus
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From San Francisco to Perth - what's the lowdown on lockdown for the disabled community?
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“Is it just us who disinfects food deliveries?”
What do you do if coronavirus temporarily stunts your burgeoning career?
Kate and Holly turn back the isolation clock, while their neighbours serenade them
Fun and frank disability chat to get you through the days of Covid-19.
Kate and Holly went into isolation early, but how are they coping?
Fun and frank disability chat to get you through the days of Covid-19.
After Jite had rare MS treatment he decided to mark it by heading to North Korea.
The diabetic best friends who accidentally became social media stars
Sex Education's George Robinson and magician Fergus Flanagan chat fame, OCD and magic.
Liz talks about her first big budget Hollywood movie, grief and representation