Access All: Disability news and talk

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Weekly podcast about mental health, wellbeing and disabled people. Life stories and solutions with a friendly touch – for listeners around the world. Presented by Nikki Fox.

Dave Clark on being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in the most "horrible" way
Tom's into round two of The Greatest Dancer but how does he manage his cystic fibrosis?
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The lost battery which nearly sparked a terror alert to the woman who's lost her nipples.
Dear Mr Dead Head Aug. 23, 2019
We chat to Elektric Apple – the theatre company where everyone has a learning disability.
From supportive body suits to a beeping football - what gadget do you need?
Living while dying June 28, 2019
Lucy Watts is living her best life while planning for the end.
Limb loss, dyslexia and mental health difficulties - and that's just the medical staff.
Ben, 12, uses a wheelchair - he also loves live music, so his parents bought him a pub.
Why did The Shalva Band, a group of disabled musicians from Israel, quit Eurovision?
Natalie is a primary school teacher and also has Tourette's syndrome.
Artists Jackie Hagan and Conor A join BBC Ouch at the I'm Here, Where Are You? festival