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A podcast for the every-day gamer. Random thoughts from three friends with random humor.

Justin and Matt talk The Last of Us 2, Letterkenny, Birds of Prey, World War Z game, and music.


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Older Episodes

Justin and Matt talk death and revival of a PC, Void Bastards, Agents of SHIELD and Asian food videos.
Jeremy, Justin, and Matt are here to talk about the games, television, and movies that have been occupying their time.
Justin and Matt return to talk about Watch Dogs 2, Bloodborne, movies, investing, Star Trek, comics, and more.
Jeremy talks War Thunder and camping. Justin talks Bloodborne. Matt talks 3.5.
422 Outlandish Episode 422 04-21-20 April 22, 2020
Guess who's back. Back again. Jeremy, Justin, and Matt.
Matt and Justin are back. Justin talks about his Iceland trip and Matt, well... he's Matt.
Matt and Justin are joined with special guests: Scott, Erika, Julie, and Alex. They're talking about their post Gen Con 2019 experience.
Matt and Justin pop on to talk about air conditioning, Slay the Spire, Spider- Man Far From Home, Chernobyl, Midsommar, and more.
Jeremy talks about his travels to South Carolina and smart home devices. Matt reads off old reviews and random discussions.
Matt and Justin talk Slay the Spire, My Friend Pedro, the Pokemon universe, Cameo, and more.
Matt and Justin talk E3, advertising/branding, Slay the Spire, Rogue Cards/Dungeon Cards, and more.
Matt, Jeremy, and Justin are joined by special guest, Seth.
Matt and Justin talk about Detective Pikachu, Spider-Man, and other things they did when Matt visited Seattle.
413 Outlandish Episode 413 04-29-19 April 30, 2019
Matt, Justin, and Jeremy talk about mobile game, Darkness Rises, documentaries, Back to the Future DeLorean, Game of Thrones, and more.
412 Outlandish Episode 412 04-15-19 April 16, 2019
Justin returns in person to join Matt and Jeremy to talk about what's going on with them.
Jeremy returns and joins Justin and Matt to talk about his traveling and health, Justin talks Steamworld Dig 2 and Apollo 11, Matt is random as always.
410 Outlandish Episode 410 03-18-19 March 19, 2019
Justin and Matt talk about Ape Out, Steamworld Dig 2, Love Death Robots, Writing Award Winning Movies, and more.
409 Outlandish Episode 409 03-11-19 March 12, 2019
Justin and Matt talk about Captain Marvel, Abducted in Plain Sight, Game of Thrones, The Lobster, Amazon Logistics, and more.
Justin and Matt are here to talk about Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Game of Thrones, snowshoeing, Activision Blizzard layoffs, Netflix shows, movies, etc.