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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is an emerging market category. On today's Tech Bytes episode, we examine SASE with sponsor Fortinet, including how Fortinet's flexible consumption model differentiates its SASE offering. Our guest is John Maddison, Executive VP of Products at Fortinet. The post Tech Bytes: Fortinet's SASE Is More Than Just The Cloud (Sponsored) appeared first on Packet Pushers.


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Today's Network Break podcast explores a new multi-cloud offering from Arista, Juniper's WAN Assurance service that leverages Mist AI, and Marvell's Ethernet ASIC line. We also discuss financial results from Juniper, A10 Networks, and F5,
Scrapli is a Python screen-scraping client for network devices to help enable automation. Today's Heavy Networking dives into Scrapli with two of its creators, Carl Montanari and Dmitry Figol. We discuss its origins, support for network OSs,
Today's Day Two Cloud is a smorgasbord of cloud-related vendor analysis courtesy of Cloud Field Day 8, where host Ned Bellavance and guest Adam Fisher were delegates. This episode includes discussions about Veeam, Zerto, Diamanti, and others,
Today's Network Break analyzes multi-cloud networking announcements from Fortinet and Arrcus, discusses additional venture funding for ASIC-maker Innovium, looks at more consolidation in the SD-WAN market, and debates whether "Internet" should be capit...
Today's Heavy Networking podcast examines a new multi-cloud networking product from sponsor Arrcus. Arrcus streamlines and secures multi-cloud networks via its new ArcEdge and ArcOrchestrator products that connect the data center and edge locations to ...
Today's Day Two Cloud gets into career advancement with guest Sam Erskine. Curiosity is key, and the mistakes you make can actually lead to new knowledge and opportunities. Sam is head of cloud engagement for a large consulting firm and has worked in a...
Patrick Kelso returns to the Full Stack Journey podcast to revisit topics including skills development, being an individual contributor versus a manager/leader, and how life has changed him and his perspectives over the last three years.
Today's Network Break scrutinizes HPE's big payout for Silver Peak and Dell's plans for a possible sale of VMware. We also discuss new capabilities in VMware Cloud on AWS, a new synthetic monitoring service from Kentik,
Today's Heavy Networking dives into wireless Internet Service Providers, or WISPs. WISPs typically serve rural areas that have limited access to fiber or copper, but they also serve metro and urban areas and industrial sectors such as energy.
Day Two Cloud gets into data visualization with the open-source Grafana project. Grafana helps you visualize, alert on, and query all kinds of data and metrics. We look at how Grafana works, how it manipulates and stores data, and common use cases.
Today's Heavy Networking explores a partnership between Juniper Networks and Anuta Networks to bring low-code network automation to service providers and enterprises. In this sponsored show, we'll dive into how Anuta's ATOM platform integrates with Jun...
On today's Network Break we discuss Nokia's new network OS, examine a Cisco/AT&T; partnership on SD-WAN, and analyze Google's pullback from a cloud venture in China. We also cover a new video codec and an image format that will save bandwidth,
Today's Tech Bytes dives into Intent-Based Networking (IBN) as an evolution of network automation. Apstra is our sponsor for this episode and our guest is Mansour Karam, fouder and President. We discuss how IBN advances traditional automation,
On today's Heavy Networking episode, sponsored by Cisco, we discuss reasons why automation isn't more pervasive, particularly in networking, and look at complications such as source of truth, getting state information, the need for orchestration,
Streaming telemetry is all the rage, but today's show dives into an architecture that forgoes streaming telemetry in favor of other options. We talk about why our guests went in a different direction, the problems they're trying to solve,
Today's Network Break podcast discusses critical security patches from F5 and Palo Alto Networks, examines the implications of a Senate bill that targets encryption, and dives into VMware's latest acquisition.
Today's Heavy Networking explores ideas for designing a new networking certification program built around a network design challenge that focuses on broad, systems-oriented knowledge. The goal isn't to replace current certifications,
I was asked what Key Performance Indicators would I consider for an operational data network. I spent an hour coming up with ideas and here they are.
Security is difficult and tricky, but we've got an amazing guest on today's Day Two Cloud podcast to help you improve your security posture and manage your cloud risk. Our guest is Tanya Janca, Founder, Security Trainer, and Coach at She Hacks Purple.