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Today on Day Two Cloud we get into a whole lot of things. For example, what is IT's value in the age of cloud? How can IT figure out what's actually providing value to the business vs. undifferentiated heavy lifting? How companies built on open-source software make their money? Our guest is Stu Miniman, Director of Market Insights at Red Hat. The post Day Two Cloud 095: Grappling With The Open Source Business Model appeared first on Packet Pushers.


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Today’s briefing summary is about startup Araali Networks, one of the most interesting startups we’ve chatted with in a while. Abhishek Singh, CEO and co-founder, gave Ethan Banks and Drew Conry-Murray at Packet Pushers an overview of their approach to...
Today on Heavy Networking, we talk about how to roll your own network automation workflow. Guest Steve Puluka has developed an automation workflow system that uses GitLab and Jenkins, among other tools, to make sure the network devices he supports are ...
On today's Day Two Cloud, Ethan Banks and Ned Bellavance dive into essentials about BGP including why it's so widely used, concepts such as the Autonomous System (AS), the AS number, loop prevention, BGP communities, IBGP, EBGP, and more.