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Where Too Much Technology Would Be Barely Enough

The Packet Pushers explore open and open-source networking and their potential impact on network operations and design in the latest installment of the Future Of Networking series. Our guest is Arpit Joshipura of the Linux Foundation. The post Show 400: The Future Of Networking With Arpit Joshipura - Open Networking appeared first on Packet Pushers.


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Cloud First Networking - the challenge of networking in multiple clouds is substantial How can we make on-prem look like the public cloud. Don t make AWS look like a on-prem network, make an off-prem network look like an on-prem network. Instead of configuring VRFs and VLANs, we should be …
Edgecore Edgecore is a wholly owned subsidiary of Accton Producing increasing diversity of network equipment, the range of possible applications of Broadcom silicon. Includes a optical solution the choice to focus on SP is interesting, does this imply that All of these products run IPinfusion software. Broadcom Talking about the …
I broadly consider Gluware an automation engine that can deliver effective automation inside an brownfield network. That is, its multi-vendor, multi- technology (e.g. switches / firewalls, routers, QOS,) and works with the existing tooling such as CLI. So you don t have to buy new hardware to start the SDN …
Today on the Datanauts podcast, sponsor Big Switch talks about its cloud-first networking initiative and new products that aim to make your public and private clouds operationally consistent. The post Datanauts 142: Cloud-First Networking With Big Switch Networks (Sponsored) appeared first on Packet Pushers.
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Arrcus is a startup that s built a modern network operating system for the disaggregated networking market. They are running on $15M of Series A funding, and as of 16-July-2018, they have emerged from stealth. In this briefing, Arrcus shared some of the details behind ArcOS, their core product offering. …
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