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Weekly interviews with activists, authors, leaders, intellectuals and philosophers on a wide variety of topics relating to social and climate justice

Flora and Ashley investigate the concept of jury nullification, whereby a trial jury can vote against the evidence and the legitimacy of of a law.


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Justices Clarence Thomas and Anton Scalia are reported to have attended closed door meetings with Koch Industries, the nation's second largest private company and funder of right-wing political organizations.
Friday Uprising: eUtah Dec. 18, 2010
Heal Utah has released the eUtah Project -- a roadmap for a renewable energy future.
Veteran activist Ted Glick--sentenced to 1 year probation and a $1,100 fine for hanging two "Green Jobs Now" banners at the Hart Senate Building--discusses his new book, Love Refuses to Quit: Climate Change and Social Change in the 21st Century.
Geo-engineering is now being seriously considered to alleviate the worst conditions of climate change. Eli Kintish's new book, Hack the Planet, explores how once outlandish ideas are now being taken seriously by those hoping to avert climate chaos.
Updates on the condition of 280 birds rescued after Chevron’s spill; Mayor Becker on the latest clean-up effort; and Jenna Helf on her decade-long court battle with Chevron after she was permanently disabled by exposure to their toxic chemicals.
Two days after the release of an estimated 33,000 gallons of crude oil from Chevron’s punctured pipeline into Utah waterways, Ashley discusses the human and ecological impact of the disaster with biologists, activists, and a Chevron representative.
Left-leaning populist Tim DeChristopher and right-leaning blogger Frank Staheli discuss ways to transcend the divisiveness of contemporary politics. Debating taxes, climate change, Glenn Beck and the Tea Party, the two find they have much in common.
What will it take to create genuine change in the world? Patrick Reinsborough, the co-founder of SmartMeme, believes that creating stories with meaning is the key for activists to make progress on major issues threatening our planet.
As the BP oil spill reaches the shore, Rikki Ott hopes what she learned from the Valdeez disaster can help Gulf Coast residents deal with BP. Also, Brinkley Hutchins describes her flights over the spill and the organized efforts of local residents.