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Hosted by photography instructor/author Scott Wittenburg, this podcast is for anybody who wants to learn the secrets of taking better photographs digitally and traditionally. Tips on camera settings, lenses, lighting, composition, exposure, studio photography, difficult shooting situations, black and white film, darkroom techniques and alternative processes are among the topics to be covered. Subscribers are encouraged to submit questions to the host, who will address them in future podcasts.

In this second edition of Short Cuts, I explain how to use the mode dial on your DSLR to enable creative control over your photos.


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Older Episodes

Introducing the debut of "Short Cuts." Beginning with this lesson on ISO, I'm going to focus on single topics and keep it short and sweet to help streamline your learning experience. Use Short Cuts for quick answers to the questions you're looking for!
In the episode, I share the winners of the 17th Annual Upper Arlington High School Annual Photo Contest. I think you'll appreciate the excellent work by these student photographers!
In part 1 of a new series focusing on composition, I explain the rule of thirds and how using this powerful compositional technique can improve your photos!
In this lesson, learn the basics of how a camera works and its relationship to the human eye. Learn the relationship between aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and the similarities between a camera and the human eye.
In this lesson learn tips on photographing artwork mounted in glass frames while avoiding glare or reflections. You can also use these tips for photographing copyprints or any 2D documents that must be faithfully rendered, glare-free and color balanced.
The "Photo Smarts" Crossword Puzzle Series is a fun way to test your photo know-how! Starting with this lesson, a new crossword puzzle will be created on a regular basis as long as there is favorable feedback. Let me know if it's a hit or a miss!
In this lesson, learn how to shoot silhouettes both in the studio and outdoors. Tips on exposure settings, subject placement and lighting scenarios are demonstrated in detail.
The basics of visual arts are discussed along with tips on what to look for while creating photographic art. A special shooting assignment is included to help you apply your knowledge of art and sharpen your compositional skills.
In this episode, I share and critique the winning images of this year's annual photo contest at the high school where I teach. This year's photos were all created by students ranging in age from 14 to 17 and I think you will be genuinely impressed with th
67 Episode 67: DSLR Basics July 3, 2016
In this lesson, learn the basic features of a DSLR camera and what you should know to get started shooting. Tips on important features and initial settings are discussed in detail so you can get the most out of your camera right from the start.
In this lesson, learn how to create stunning motion shots by panning subjects in motion and zooming your lens during exposure.
In this lesson, explore macro abstract formalism while photographing ordinary objects at high magnification. Tips on equipment, lighting, exposure settings and composition are presented to help you make even the ordinary look extraordinary.
In this lesson we test the Hahnel Captur Pro remote triggering device system to create stunning stop motion shots that would otherwise be difficult to do. Included in the test are stop motion milk drops and bursting water balloon experiments.
In this lesson, learn how to create photo collages using "joiners," a process created by British painter/photographer David Hockney. Step-by-step instructions, tips and examples are presented as well as details on how to enter the photo collage contest!
In the episode, I share the winners of the 2014-15 UAHS Annual Photo Contest. I think you'll appreciate the excellent work by these student photographers!
In this lesson, watch these advanced photo students in action while photographing "dancing paint" in the studio. Learn tips on how to get started creating stunning photos of wet paint in motion.
In this lesson, I show you how I built a fully functional 11x14 view camera using basic tools and materials. Details include making the film holder, front and rear standards, focusing system, bellows and more.
In this lesson, learn how to transfer ordinary prints of photos to wood by use of an acrylic gel medium. A rewarding, hands-on way to create unique artwork that is suitable for framing!
In this lesson you are invited to tackle the same assignment the host gives his level one photography students to shoot. Explanation of what is required plus tips on exposure settings, etc. are included.