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Phuture Frequency Drum 'n' Bass is a podcast devoted entirely to the Drum 'n' Bass mixes posted on Phuture Frequency.

This mix gets harder as it goes on building until it reaches a tech-fuelled crescendo. In amongst the selection is a track taken from the sampler for DLR’s “Seeing Sounds” LP on Dispatch, a couple from Need For Mirrors, two from Dayni’s “Criminal Jazz” EP for Dutty Audio and the obligatory Renegade Hardware release. For […] ### Like this? Check out similar mixes: * DJ Void - Reverse Charge * DJ Void - Short Cut * DJ Void - Stick or Twist * DJ Void - Fire In The Hole * DJ Void - Mood Swings


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Older Episodes

My latest mix for friends Bass VIP in Athens GR.. it's been a while - Track list: - 1.Untitled Jungle - Breakage 2.Concept 2 - Cause n' Effect 3.Together - Equinox 4.Lost Hours - Icicle 5.Shining - Optical 6.Rebel Creations - Breakage 7.
Roll The Drums #27 - Drummer & Subtle Element
DJ Void - Stick or Twist
DJ Void – Mood Swings Jan. 11, 2015
Recorded on New Years Day this is a 2 hour mix looking back at just a small number of the Drum & Bass tracks released in 2014. There are plenty of bits from the labels that feature regularly in my mixes; Dispatch, Metalheadz and Renegade Hardware.
DJ Void – A New Dawn Dec. 7, 2014
DJ Void - A New Dawn
Roll The Drums #26 - Drummer & Duffer
Trust In Bass Podcast 32 - Sinistarr
DJ Void – Just Do It July 14, 2014
DJ Void - Just Do It
DJ Void – Bean Grinder June 25, 2014
DJ Void - Bean Grinder
Roll The Drums are back with their 25th podcast hosted by DJ Drummer which features fresh dubs from the likes of Submarine, Brian Brainstorm, Dreadmaul and an exclusive guest mix by Taelimb. - You’ll also hear tracks from the likes of Smooth,
Another month, another mix and this selection is once again full of new beats. There are a couple from the long awaited Platinum Breakz 4 LP on Metalheadz, two from Calibre’s 3rd “Selflife” LP, both sides of a fantastic 12” from Chroma on Reneg...
DJ Void – Quick Exit April 16, 2014
This is my first mix for a while featuring just new music that I’ve picked up. I’ve been buying new Drum & Bass less regularly and struggling to find new material that I find meets my standards and tastes. The sheer volume,
Back to 2005-2006 for this mix, a period which saw my heavily under the influence of the Drumfunk/Choppage sounds. This rough and ready mix saw me pulling for a number of tunes on leading labels such as Bassbin and Outsider which delivered one quality ...
DJ Void – First Century March 11, 2014
This is my 100th podcast for Phuture Frequency! - It’s taken me a while to get it recorded but finally it’s done. I toyed with a lot of different ideas to make the selection a bit special but settled on picking tunes from 2007 to the present day,
DJ Void – Short Cut Jan. 30, 2014
My first mix of 2014 is largely made up of tunes picked up towards the tail end of last year with the Drum and Bass release schedule only now really starting to pick up. Included are two tracks from the Savage EP on Machinist Music,
Drummer kicks off the 1st episode of 2014 with 3 exclusive tracks soon to be released on his own labels before going full on into the mix. - This month’s guest mix is by Roll The Drums resident & RAM DJ Competition winner 2013 John Baker aka Johnny ...
It’s that time of the year to look back on the tunes I picked up over the last 12 months with a 2 hour mix. You’ll spot in the tracklist plenty of familiar names that feature regularly in my mixes; BTK, Need For Mirrors,
It’s back to 2001 with this hard and heavy mix. I had a huge number of tunes to choose from and as usual with my mixes went in unplanned which does make for a somewhat cathartic experience especially given I’d not listened to some of these records ...