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Object oriented development, architecture and best practices in .NET

Join Craig Shoemaker as he interviews Elijah Manor on the ins and outs of React.js


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Learning Angular April 8, 2015
Whether you are learning Angular for the first time, or are learning about some of the new changes on the horizon in Angular 2 - we're all still learning Angular.
John Sonmez discusses how to get your name out there and build a future for you as a software developer.
On one side you have a mild-mannered programmer who gets tweets from famous people that were never meant for him - and on the other side you have a well- known entertainer who really wants to get those tweets! This is a very special installment of the Pol
Learn about how, why and when to use HTML5 client-side persistence APIs including Web Storage, Web SQL, IndexedDB and File System.
2012 2012.05.08 Twitter Bootstrap May 8, 2012
Building attractive, well laid-out, responsive and useful websites can be hard enough, but sometimes just setting the foundations of basic interactivity can take longer than you’d like. Ladies and gentlemen, Twitter Bootstrap to the rescue!
What exactly is HTML5 anyway? When are you able to use HTML5 and what is the significance of the year 2022? (Hint: it’s not the end of the world!) In 'Introduction to HTML5' Craig Shoemaker answers these questions and more. The new sematic markup and HTM
David Starr is the Curriculum lead on Developer Tools and Practices with Pluralsight specializing in agile software development practices. His enthusiasm and passion for raising the bar in software development makes him perfect to join the show to discus
Javier Lozano joins the show to discuss his project MVC Turbine. MVC Turbine is a plugin for ASP.NET MVC that facilitates composition and provides a pipeline for inversion of control for your applications.
Author, Microsoft MVP and accomplished pianist Josh Smith, Sr. UX Developer at IdentityMine, joins the show to discuss some of Model View ViewModel’s more advanced scenarios.
In this episode of the Polymorphic Podcast Eric Hexter and Jeffrey Palermo join Craig Shoemaker to discuss Portable Areas. The Portable Areas contribution to MVC Contrib are an option for building single component or multi-page components for ASP.NET web
In this episode of the Polymorphic Podcast we talk with Gareth Down of nBuilder. Writing demo applications, prototypes and tests just got a whole lot easier using the fluent interface of nBuilder to quickly generate test objects in .NET.
Stephen Walther, Microsoft Product Manager for ASP.NET AJAX, joins the show to discuss the recent advancements in the AJAX toolset found in Preview 6.
Today’s show features Microsoft MVP and Identity Mine integrator Laurent Bugnion. Laurent discusses his experience with working in XAML applications that use MVVM and working with developers and designers to create beautiful applications.
Prolific ASP.NET, jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX blogger Dave Ward shares some expert jQuery tips.
Jimmy Bogard, lead developer for the AutoMapper project, joins us today to discuss the inner workings and applications of the object-to-object mapper AutoMapper.
Join Jeffrey Palermo and Eric Hexter as they discuss the release version of ASP.NET MVC and some practical examples real-world development.
Michael L. Perry explains why his Update Controls framework may render INotifyPropertyChanged obsolete.
Our special guest this week is Jean Paul Boodhoo who is a developer, trainer, and author specializing in .NET and Agile development. When I first heard about JP’s summer where he worked while traveling around the world after giving away the contents of h
Learn 5 techniques that ever ASP.NET developer must know to tame HTML markup.