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Object oriented development, architecture and best practices in .NET

2008 2008.10.13 ASP.NET SEO Oct. 13, 2008
Michael Neel joins the show to dispel SEO myths, uncover why some ASP.NET sites are invisible to search engines and share the 'secret sauce' for potent placement within the search engines.
Steve Smith, owner of ASP Alliance and Lake Quincy Media joins us today to teach us about some hidden gems in ASP.NET caching and performance. Steve’s expertise in this area comes from first-hand experience as Lake Quincy’s ad system serves over 60 reque
Craig Newmark founder of craigslist.com joins us today to share about life before craigslist, technical details of the site and his principals for success.
Jess Chadwick describes how to integrate the ASP.NET AJAX framework with ASP.NET MVC. With a few tricks up his sleeve, Jess makes it easier than it seems.
Steve Schofield is an IIS expert working for webhost ORCS Web. Steve and his team are responsible for such sites as Channel9, ASP.NET, weblogs.asp.net and ASP Alliance. As a member ASP Insiders and a IIS MVP - Steve knows his way around a web server. Ste
While at TechEd 2008 I had a chance to sit down with Udi Dahan and the architects of 'Velocity' to discuss web scalability strategies.
On today’s show we chat with Devin Rader, Product Manager at Infragistics and co-author of Professional ASP.NET 3.5. Devin is responsible for the data source, user and server controls, LINQ, IO and modules and handlers sections of the book. We discuss th
Get up to speed with ASP.NET Dynamic Data. Learn to create custom field templates and read arguments from your meta-data. This show has an audio portion as well as a screen cast. Make sure to visit the site to watch the video and download the code.
2008 2008.04.24 ASP.NET MVC Resources April 24, 2008
Craig Shoemaker takes you on a tour of the best ASP.NET MVC resources available today.
Jeffrey Palermo introduces us to the MVC Contrib project and sheds some light on some tips and common gotchas found when using the ASP.NET MVC framework.
Paul Sheriff joins us today with a round up of his sessions from 2008 Southern California Code Camp.
Today we hear from Jason Bock, consultant for Magenic, sharing his passion for unit testing, code coverage and analysis.
Craig Shoemaker and Live Labs Program Manager Dragos discuss Volta. Volta is a developer toolkit that aims to ease the pain in building distributed applications.
2008 2008.01.15 Debugging Made Easy Jan. 15, 2008
Craig Shoemaker and Josh Smith discuss Mole - a Visual Studio debugging visualizer that can help ease the pain of debugging .NET applications.
Craig Shoemaker interviews Jean Paul Boodhoo where they discuss breathing new life into your career, diversifing your influences and being a passionate developer.
2007 2007.11.14 Why I Quit My Job Nov. 13, 2007
Craig Shoemaker shares with you why he quit his job so he can podcast more for you!
Craig Shoemaker interviews Scott Hanselman about dynamic data controls and what's new in the .NET space.
Craig Shoemaker interviews Jeffery Palermo and dives into the details of the MVC implementation. This show also features a discussion of how or if the MVP pattern still has a place in post ASP.NET MVC framework world.
Craig Shoemaker interviews Miguel Castro on real-world implementations of extensibility patterns.
Learn the basics of using Subversion as your source code control system. Join Craig Shoemaker as he examines Subversion operation and integration into your development environment. (Part 1 of 2)