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Object oriented development, architecture and best practices in .NET

The video and code for download is now posted at http://polymorphicpodcast.com/shows/webnavigator/. Learn an object oriented way to encapsulate the location of your web pages, shielding the physical location of the pages to your application and creating
Learn an object oriented way to encapsulate the location of your web pages, shielding the physical location of the pages to your application and creating a programmatic contract for required resources.
Join host Craig Shoemaker as he answers your questions about implementing Model View Presenter and reviews the content covered in the five videos in the Model View * Patterns series.
Join host Craig Shoemaker as he introduces you to the Model View Controller and Model View Presenter design patterns.
Craig Shoemaker and Darren Neimke discuss the ASP.NET 2.0 web part and portal framework, explaining how web parts are perfect candidates for customization as well as points of extensibility. Check out Infragistics NetAdvantage WPF!
Craig Shoemaker sits down with Rockford Lhotka to discuss emerging technologies in the .NET space, the problem with great Microsoft products and the reason he focuses on removing code from the UI layer.
Craig Shoemaker talks to Rob Howard, CEO of Telligent Systems, discussing his lessons learned leading Telligent and during his tenure at Microsoft as a member of the ASP.NET team and a technical evangelist.
Listen in as Craig Shoemaker sits down with technologist and celebrated blogger, Robert Scoble. Scoble gives his insights into the direction of .NET development, working with companies at PodTech and what's new with the ScobleShow.
Miguel Castro continues his talk on architecting for extensibility by diving deep into the chain of responsibility pattern.
Miguel Castro teaches us how to create more extensible applications using established design paterns and best practices.
In part two of our interview, David West tells us why beer should be smart, how to take the physical domain seriously to ensure better OOP and what's next after Object Thinking.
In part one of our interview, David West discusses his motiviation to write 'Object Thinking' and why its so different from all the other object oriented programming books on the shelf. David also tells us how treating objects like people can greatly simp
That's right. I said it. SharePoint is confusing. What is the difference between Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and SharePoint Portal Server? How do you add behavior to existing lists? How do you configure security for custom web parts? This is the sho
Declaring war on user interface layer code that spans thousands of lines, Craig Shoemaker discusses an architectural approach to minimize logic in the UI. Craig sits down with with a PDSA, Inc. Senior Software Engineer, John Kuhn to discuss his battle pla
Learn about the most important features of ADO.NET 2.0 for you! Catch up with Craig Shoemaker and Wally McClure as they discuss the 'evolution' in ADO, not the 'revolution' in the framework.
Learn to look at your Ajax application from top-down as Craig Shoemaker reviews Ajax design patterns and discusses Ajax scalability and security.
Join Craig as he interviews validation guru Peter Blum and celebrity technologist Chris Pirillo in search for a good software user experience.
Join Craig in celebrating the first year of the Polymorphic Podcast! Note - this is a special fun edition with no technical content.
Craig helps you quickly get started with the AJAX.NET Framework while building a task list application.
Get your feet wet with an introduction to Atlas. Atlas is the new part of the .NET framework specifically for web clients. Features include AJAX and web services support, new validation controls, behaviors, and an object orientation layer sitting on top o