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Pondering Poker - a wide ranging podcast about poker

In this third and final episode Greg and I talk about WSOP, coaching and staking. Enjoy. Music by Marimba.


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Older Episodes

Part 2 of my chat with Greg. Stay till the end if you'd like the actual closing stock prices of half dozen gaming stocks. Enjoy.
In this first of a multi-episode podcast Greg discusses how it came to be that he won a seat into the 2013 WSOP Main Event. Enjoy. Music by Dave Seagrim, How It Is, courtesy of Mevio Music Alley.
In this episode I read from Caro's Most Profitable Hold'em Advice by Mike Caro. I read from Chapter 8: Treating Hold'em as a Business and the from the section called Managing Losses. No music this episode. Also in this episode...
In this episode I read from Chapter 5 of Poker Face by Judi James. This section deals with the gremlins that may be in effect and cause us to lose. Motivations for playing are reviewed and afirmations and visualization encouraged. Music by...
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