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Hosted by clinical expert, author and popular speaker, Nora T. Gedgaudas, Primal Body-Primal Mind Radio is a sane departure from conventional thinking about diet, health and the brain. It’s a view of the way your brain and mind really works and where diet and nutrition fits into the picture. Nora will present easy to understand ideas that can help you lose weight, feel better, reverse aging, improve your memory, relieve stress, enhance your brain function and much more! You will also get to know the most cutting edge information about brain training and how the exciting new science of neurofeedback can benefit your entire family and open the door to limitless possibilities of your own potential! Nora uses a thought provoking blend of humor and science to illuminate the mind…and may even surprise you and slay a few “sacred cows” along the way!

While being interviewed by Joanne (, I talk about the importance of vitamin D supplementation and without adequate vitamin A, vitamin D can become toxic at lower levels. I also discuss the preferred form of supplemental vitamin D, how true vitamin A is not found in plant food, and the controversy over cod liver oil in the diet. Listen to Podcast


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The very term RADIATION conjures nightmarish images of mushroom clouds, apocalyptic scenery and people dying slow, agonizing deaths. Then again, one doesn’t need an imagination to turn on the news and see the mounting horrors and suffering of Fukushima o
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Thyroid issues today are epidemic and often poorly understood by even those that treat them, both conventionally and even naturally. Learn about the thyroid and also its connection to one of the most critical, misunderstood and depleted nutrients in the W
The Aging Brain Aug. 6, 2010
Nora welcomes back neurofeedback expert, Dr. Julian Isaacs to help explore the latest in technology, diet and nutritional supplementation to support and revitalize the aging brain. Listen to the podcast.
Come join us as Nora explains how shifting away from a primarily animal protein and saturated fat diet has led us into territory that our human evolution has been ill prepared for, causing huge onset of chronic and sometimes fatal illnesses. (Part 2) List
Come join us as Nora explains how shifting away from a primarily animal protein and saturated fat diet has led us into territory that our human evolution has been ill prepared for, causing huge onset of chronic and sometimes fatal illnesses. Listen to the
The subject of “health care” in this country has been a topic of heated debate recently but has our focus been misplaced? In this show Nora is joined by the chief scientist for the EEG Institute, Dr. Siegfried Othmer, where we’ll discuss the future of hea
The Vegetarian Myth Aug. 3, 2010
People become vegetarians for many different reasons surrounding animal welfare, moral and political issues, the environment and because they believe they are bettering their health. Lierre Keith adopted veganism in her teens for all these reasons and mai
Addictions to certain foods that can have an adverse impact on our health are a very real problem. Such addictions tend to be rationalized or denied by those that suffer from them, knowingly or not. Often, foods are a way of self medicating issues such as
What causes female hormone imbalance and why is it so overwhelmingly prevalent today? Join Nora as she welcomes back her most popular guest, Dr. Janet Lang — expert in Restorative Endocrinology™ to educate and enlighten listeners about the causes of and e
Nora welcomes Chrissie and Koorosh Zaerpoor of Kookoolan Farms to talk about what it takes to create organic, bio-dynamic, healthy and sustainable food. The show will be sure to enlighten you as to where your food comes from and why you should care. Liste
Nora welcomes back leading neurofeedback expert Sue Othmer in discussing the role of the brain in the development of eating disorders and the powerful role neurofeedback can play in helping those suffering with this issue recover once and for all. L
Nora welcomes back Colleen Dunseth, educational director for the Nutritional Therapy Association to talk with us about Type 1 Diabetes and how certain nutritional principles and strategies can make a major difference in how one manages this disease. It ma
How can the science of brain training be harnessed for accessing the deepest recesses of the human mind, the mysterious subconscious and even mystical states? Nora welcomes back Dr. Julian Isaacs to discuss this fascinating area of brain science and neuro
My Big Fat Diet Aug. 3, 2010
On this week’s show, Nora interviews Dr. Jay Wortman, a physician who created a year long dietary study of 100 volunteers from the Namgis Tribal Nation in Alert Bay, B.C., Canada. The study was the subject of an incredible documentary called “My Big Fat D