The Galápagos Islands needs tourism. Can herd immunity revive it? May 18, 2021

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As a guide on the Galápagos Islands, Javier Cando used to spend his days taking visitors through windy trails teeming with iguanas, sea lions and blue- footed boobies. But tourism on the islands collapsed when the pandemic broke out. And Cando now wakes up at 4 in the morning on most days to milk cows at the farm where he grew up on Santa Cruz Island. It’s not as profitable as taking tourists on safaris. But it’s helping the guide and his family of four to get by. > “When I was guiding before the pandemic, I used to …

In mainland Ecuador, only 6% of people have been vaccinated so far. But officials are hoping to have all adults on its islands vaccinated by the end of this month.