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How my Dog Sends Selfies March 26, 2015
Description A presentation about writing Python on the Arduina Yun
Description A lightning talk about fixing three separate bugs in the Django codebase with the same root cause.
Description I've been developing a Python library for turning 3D models into CNC- machinable parts. I will demonstrate the basics of the library and how I used it to build a wood coffee table.
Description Xan Vongsathorn and Catherine Vongsathorn will be giving a talk about talks. It turns out that many of python's core principles apply very well to presentations -- or for that matter, communication more generally -- which may be why we like python so much. Xan and Catherine want to ...
Description Have you ever wanted to search the contents of uploaded PDFs, Docs, and other document formats on your website? Django Haystack (with the Elasticsearch search backend) is a great way to add search to your site, but it does not support full document indexing out of the box. I'd ...
REST on Django Feb. 12, 2015
Description A quick overview through the components that make up Django REST Framework with a dive into a sample project.
Python For Humans Dec. 11, 2014
Description Python’s ecosystem is held up to a high standard, but it falls short in a few key areas. A handful of crucial APIs are an absolute pain to work with. We’ll go over where these APIs went wrong and learn about strong and elegant API design. The high barriers ...
Description Wouldn't it be awesome if ChiPy wrote its own book? We'd be able to get BEvERages for weeks, maybe months on the royalty! If so, we'd need to see what's already out there. This lightning talk takes a look at O'Reilly's Python books using requests and BeautifulSoup, with a ...
Mejores Momentos Dec. 2, 2014
Description Vídeo producido por María Andrea Vignau Pista Musical: Mirva - This Is How We Stand
Machine Learning Nov. 28, 2014
Introducción A Jupyter Nov. 28, 2014
Introducción A Python Nov. 28, 2014
Introducción a Pilas Nov. 28, 2014
Description Creating a robot or an intelligent agent which can behave as a human being, make decisions effectively, take actions optimally, and more over, can learn from its own experience were always be a goal for scientists. This presentation describes how everybody can create a software agent capable to learn ...
Data Mining на Python Nov. 18, 2014
Description This report analyzes practical example of Clope clusterization algorythm, as a way of building model database using similar items given unknown cluster quantity. I will try to shed some light on Python's advantages and drawbacks in this task's implementation as well as some ways of scaling, optimizing and distributing ...