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Q&A; is a television discussion program that focuses mostly on politics but ranges across all of the big issues that set Australians thinking, talking and debating. It is driven by interaction: Q&A; provides a rare opportunity for Australian citizens to directly question and hold to account politicians and key opinion leaders in a national public forum.

20 June 2011: On the panel: Faustina "Fuzzy" Agolley, Josh Thomas, Ruslan Kogan, Samah Hadid and James Paterson.
13 June 2011: On the panel: Peter Garrett, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, Bob Katter, Mike Carlton and Natalie Pa'apa'a.
6 June 2011: On the panel: Nicola Roxon, Christopher Pyne, Sandy Gutman aka Austen Tayshus, Lee Rhiannon, Paul McGeough.
30 May 2011: On the panel: George Brandis, Kate Lundy, Jackie Kelly, Guy Rundle and Joe Hildebrand.
23 May 2011: On the panel: Howard Jacobson, Gail Dines, Brendan Cowell, Michael Cunningham and Leslie Cannold.
16 May 2011: On the panel: Bill Shorten, Eric Abetz, Judge Felicity Hampel, John Roskam and Anna Rose.
9 May 2011: On the panel: Lindsay Tanner, Malcolm Turnbull, Lydia Khalil, Nazeem Hussain and Christine Wallace.
2 May 2011: On the panel: Simon Crean, Sophie Mirabella, Tony Windsor, Eliza Brown, Professor Nick Klomp and Alana Johnson.
28 April 2011: On the panel: Nick Minchin, Amanda Vanstone, Marcia Langton, Bob Carr, Angela Bishop and Craig Reuccassel.
25 April 2011: On the panel: Jim Molan, Matina Jewell, Eva Cox, Neil James and Najeeba Wazefadost.
11 April 2011: On the panel: Penny Wong, Greg Hunt, Chris Kenny, Bess Price and Graeme Innes.
Confessions of Kevin: On the panel: Kevin Rudd, Julie Bishop, Jeff Bleich, Louise Adler and Robert Manne.
After the Massacre: On the panel: Tanya Plibersek, Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, Grahame Morris, Julian Morrow and John Della Bosca.
The Q and A Century: On the panel: Christpher Pyne, Jason Clare, Lachlan Harris, Christine Milne and Miranda Devine.
Julia Gillard Meets The People: On the panel: Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
The Gender Divide: On the panel: Gail Kelly, Kate Ellis, Joe Hockey, Janet Albrechtsen and Mike Carlton.
A Big New Tax?: On the panel: Bill Shorten, Malcolm Turnbull, Samah Hadid, Piers Akerman and Gretel Killeen.
Q&A live from Brisbane: On the panel: Anna Bligh, Tim Flannery, Barnaby Joyce, Gina Castelain and Ian Nelson.
Revolution, Revelations and Romance: On the panel: John Pilger, Greg Sheridan, Lydia Khalil, Craig Emerson and Helen Coonan.
We are back for 2011: The new season started off with: Graham Richardson, Amanda Vanstone, David Williamson, Catherine Deveny and Gerard Henderson.