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The weekly RA Podcast features an exclusive mix of electronic music from top producers and DJs around the world. Resident Advisor is an online electronic music magazine. Visit RA online at www.residentadvisor.net

Delicate textures and wistful atmospheres.


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Older Episodes

The final mix of 2019 comes from the artist behind our track of the year.
A celebration of East African club music.
A joyride through UKG.
Ultra-modern rhythms in a timeless mould.
Floor-fillers full of "big, melodic, emotional synths."
RA.704 Esa - 2019.11.25 Nov. 25, 2019
Wandering the world with open ears.
Two hours of ambient, techno and jungle.
Bass, breaks and dreamlike soundscapes.
An inventive exploration of slower tempos.
Our 700th podcast is a masterclass in entrancing grooves.
Mystical grooves and otherworldly edits.
A key noise artist gets funky.
RA.697 SO - 2019.10.07 Oct. 7, 2019
Enter the Labyrinth.
Expert mixing from a pillar of the Midwest scene.
A Detroit-based newcomer steps up.
Global club sounds from Philadelphia.
The Panorama Bar resident steps up.
The Tokyo DJ ramps up the tempo.
Awe-inducing techno.