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The "RapCast" takes a closer look at the the Toronto Raptors from fans' perspective and dissects plays, games, strategies, players, possessions, calls, future, the front office, the arena, the fans, the media and everything else in between.

Rapcast #76: The lottery changes things
This week on The Doctor is In, ESPN TrueHoop Editor, Kevin Arnovitz, drops by to talk about the NBA playoffs, free agency, the Raptors need for improved defense, Chris Bosh's impact (if any) and all things NBA.
Rapcast #74: Talking NBA scouting with Chris Denker + The Big Board
Rapcast #73: The Doctor has the Raptors Big Board
Rapcast #72: The Doctor Is In - Bosh for Dirk?
Rapcast #71 - End of season wrap-up
Rapcast #70: The Doctor Is In for one last time
Talking Cavs, Lebron, Bosh and playoffs.
Cleveland could rest starters and Rapcast #68
This week on The Doctor Is In, I look at Derek Rose's prediction and the Raptors lack of production. In Hot or Not, Hedo Turkoglu comes under scrutiny from all angles. And in the final segment, we talk NCAA tourney and how the least likely final four em
Best/Worst GM and other stuff
The dark shadow of the 0-4 week is heavily set on the podcast as we go sift through the ruins and search for positives while reflecting on lineup changes and whether they have any hopes of being effective. Are we just shuffling our cards randomly or is th
This week on The Doctor Is In with phdsteve, the newest member of Raptors Republic - and (Sacramento's ESPN True Hoop Affiliate) blogger Zach Harper drops by to talk about the Kings and the Raps. Zach shares insight in
Effort against Philly, Bargnani as a #2 man, DeRozan\'s rookie wall, Hedo\'s redemption, Amir Johnson\'s yanking and the daunting roadtrip are amongst the topics of discussion. Warning: Bargnani fanboys stay clear.
This week to make up for no weekly roundtable podcast, we go double length on the The Doctor Is In and we're talking playoffs, power rankings, defensive assignments, and NCAA ball. We pick up where Arsenalist left off last week talking about Tom Liston
This week on The Doctor Is In, the Dino Blogger from drops by and we talk hoops. Dino Blgger shares some insight on what its like to get access to the players with a press pass and from Hedo to Reggie and from Bosh's free market value
AltRaps, Arsenalist and phdsteve
The Doctor Is In Valentine\'s day special with Christopher Bond from Evil Dead The Musical and Anthony Farrell from Little Mosque on the Priarie.
RapsFan joins phdsteve
This week on The Doctor Is In, the talk is all about the coaches and execs. We begin with the bossman as we examine the Achilles heel of GM Bryan Colangelo. In Hot or Not we are talking coaching and Jay Triano. And in the internet's most popular home ga