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The "RapCast" takes a closer look at the the Toronto Raptors from fans' perspective and dissects plays, games, strategies, players, possessions, calls, future, the front office, the arena, the fans, the media and everything else in between.

# The week that was: The Raptors first perfect week of 2010: LAL, a B2B and INDY! # All-Star snubs: Andrea? DeMar? # Should catching Boston or keeping ahead of Charlotte/Miami be the priority? # Any surprises before the deadline? # Is it time to apolo
This week on The Doctor Is In, the talk is all about whether the Raptors are buyers or sellers at the deadline. In Hot or Not we ask if two free throw against the Lakers is enough to heat up Hedo Turkoglu. And in the internet's most popular home game,
Talking ball with Arse Jan. 26, 2010
Talking ball with Arse
Hedo Turkoglu for Vince Carter, Lebron James on the Toronto Raptors and Jay Triano.
Weekly Podcast - Jan 19 Jan. 19, 2010
Weekly Podcast - Jan 19
Bosh to Motor City? Triano in hot or not.
Celtics loss, Bargnani\'s recent good play, Bosh trade rumours, controversial two-guard lineup, Hedo Turkoglu.
The Doctor Is In - Jan 6
The Doctor Is In - Dec 30
The Doctor Is In - Dec 30
We talk about Jay Triano, Chris Bosh,Jose Calderon, Jarrett Jack and more.
This week on The Doctor is In, someone has spiked the holiday punch bowl because I drank the Colangelo Kool-Aid” when examining the first 30 games and the Raptors starting five! In “hot or not” the front office and Colangelo get some love, and in
This week on The Doctor Is In, we look one last time at the Bosh vs. Bargnani debate in the hopes of bringing about a lasting peace in the Republic and suggest that they could be the best frontcourt in the NBA. In hot or not we look at former …
# Weekly Review/Preview - Dec 14, 2009
phd and Bond
Weekly Review/Preview - Dec 7, 2009
The Doctor fires Jay Triano and looks to trade Chris Bosh. All in an objective sense, of course.
Discussing the Toronto Raptors week that was.
This week in the doctor is in, we look at the benefits of bringing AI to TO. Both Marco Bellineli and Coach Triano get the 3rd degree in hot or not and we wonder what it would take to send Chris Bosh home. ![]( ![]( ![](![](http://feeds.fee
Reviewing the week where the Raptors faced the Nuggets, Jazz, Heat and Magic.