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The Red Bar Radio Show is a comedy talk radio show hosted by everyone’s favorite lovable maniac, Mike David. Red Bar Radio has been around since 2003! Give it three episodes because you’ll definitely hate it after only one.

RED BAR RADIO S20 E12 Sept. 6, 2022

Mark Random’s new hit single! / Mr Beast fans are not happy with Mike / Bill Maher orgy secrets leaked! / Fight Companion returns / Brendan Schaub’s ultimate take on Andrew Tate / THE DEF […] The post RED BAR RADIO S20 E12 appeared first on REDBAR™.


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RED BAR RADIO S20 E01 May 29, 2022
REDBAR RETURNS FOR SEASON 20 WITH AN ALL-NEW EPISODE! Hang out with us while we get used to our new studio after being away for an entire year. Enjoy!
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RED BAR RADIO S19 E21 Feb. 7, 2021
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RED BAR RADIO S19 E19 Jan. 23, 2021
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WHERE HAVE WE BEEN!?!?! / Piranha’s escapades have been OUT OF CONTROL! We officially say our goodbyes in a touching tribute / Trisha Paytas says everything we have been thinking about comedians! / Brian Holtzman […]
RED BAR RADIO S19 E15 Dec. 8, 2020
40 hours / 3 days until Hanukkah / Gambit / Chip Chipperson’s Christmas merch / “Stan”Christmas parody-off featuring Pete Davidson / JRE’s dumb embarrassing wolf painting / Is Piranha mad at us!? / ILLEGAL COPY […]
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CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENTS! / THEY’RE “EXTREMELY STRESSED AND WORRIED!” / Hosts let us down! The election streams were NOT good / Clipping / Items in a store / Mersh from ROTC gets a NEW STUDIO! / […]
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