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We are recording anarchist and related texts and distributing them in audio forms. In this way we hope to make anarchist ideas more accessible and anarchist practice more informed. We may not agree with every word of every text we record but hope that the distribution of these texts in audio form continues lively anarchist discussions and ultimately we hope that those discussions lead us into the streets.

The Illegitimacy of Violence, the Violence of Legitimacy - by CrimethInc. - MP3 - Read - Print - Torrent - Archive - YouTube Coming out of the context of the debates within Occupy Wall Street as it spread across t
1:31:08 - The Unquiet Dead Chapter 2. conflict and complicity: early Italian anarchists and fascists - By Anonymous - MP3 - Read - Print - Torrent - Archive - YouTube Chapter two of this multipart series dis
Witches, Midwives & Nurses: A History of Women Healers - By Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English - MP3 - Read - PDF - alt PDF - Archive - Torrent - YouTube Women have always been healers, and medicine
The Unquiet Dead: Anarchism, Fascism, and Mythology - Chapter 1. Fascist Ideology in Germany and Further - MP3 - Read - Print - Archive - Torrent - YouTube This is the second installment of a book-length pi
Queer Fire – AudioZine Sept. 3, 2017
Queer Fire: The George Jackson Brigade, Men Against Sexism, and Gay Struggle Against Prison - Published by Untorelli Press - MP3 - Read - Print - Archive - Torrent - YouTube A collection of histories, speeches, an
The Unquiet Dead: Anarchism, Fascism and Mythology: introduction. - Anonymous - MP3 - Read - Print - Torrent - Archive - YouTube This is the first installment of a book-length piece, The Unquiet Dead. The full t
30:59 - Nativism and the Foundations of US Xenophobia: An Old Doctrine of Hatred and Bigotry Reemerges - by CrimethInc. - MP3 - Read - Archive - Torrent - YouTube CrimethInc. released this essay to counter the jin
Undoing Sex: against sexual optimism - by c.e. - MP3 - Read - Print - Archive - Torrent - YouTube *This zine contains discussion of sexual assault* “Undoing Sex” is a critique of sex-positivity that both draws upo
1:07:16 - Lines In Sand: three essays on identity, oppression, and social war - intro by Peter Gelderloos - MP3 - Read - Print - Archive - Torrent - YouTube "…I think we all need to fiercely reje
Archipelago – Affinity, Informal Organization, and Insurrectional Projects - From Salto #2 - MP3 - Read - Print - Archive - Torrent- YouTube This zine explores the topic of affinity and informal organization. The
With Allies Like These: Reflections on Privilege Reductionism - by Common Cause - MP3 - Read - Print - Archive - Torrent - YouTube "…this article aims to critically engage with the dominant ideas and
The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions - by Larry Mitchell - MP3 - Read - Torrent - Archive - YouTube In a joyous and perverse intermingling of fable, myth, heterotopian vision, and pocket wisdom, The Faggo
38:42 - The Incomplete, True, Authentic and Wonderful History of May Day - by Peter Linebaugh - MP3 - Read - Print - Torrent- Archive - YouTube This essay tells a story of the two sides of May Day: the red a
1:34:46 - When Insurrections Die - By Gilles Dauvé - MP3 - Text - Print - Archive - Torrent - YouTube Are fascism and democracy two sides of the same statist coin? What can the history of fascism tell us abo
59:59 -Two essays, Insurrectionary Anarchy Organising for Attack! (Text) and Without a Trace(Text), from issue #10 of Do or Die - MP3 - PDF - Archive - Torrent - YouTube "Insurrectionary anarchism is not an ideological
Revolutionary Echoes From Syria: Conversations With Two Anarchists From Aleppo - Published by Hourriya - MP3 - PDF? (Coming Soon) - Archive - Torrent - YouTube The discussion below reflects an overview of the conditions
This Is Not a Dialogue: notes on anti-fascism and free speech - by CrimethInc- MP3 - Read - PDF - Archive - Torrent - YouTube "Maybe you missed this, but you’re not in a dialogue. Your views are beside the point.
Anarchist organization, the Islamic State, the crisis, and outer space
53:19 - People VS. The United States - By The Conspiracy to Incite a Riot - MP3 - PDF - Torrent - Archive - YouTube Right now, the FBI is keeping an eye on what websites you browse, on what your neighbors are sayi
30:48 - Understanding Patriarchy - By bell hooks - MP3 - PDF - Torrent - Archive - YouTube In this short essay bell hooks offers a quick introduction to patriarchy and particularly the way it affects men. She draw