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The Game Informer staff talk about the latest news and other hot topics in the MMO verse.

We've been playing Cryptic's new free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons MMORPG, and we have deep thoughts to share. Or at least some observations about the lack of bards and RP servers and a comparison to the upcoming Elder Scrolls Online. I hate to disappoint, but Andy McNamara has a rare absence in today's show. You'll have to make do with GI's Matt Miller instead, though I think you'll find his ability to be baited about 4th Edition knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons to be a solid addition to the podcast. This week's bumper music is the main theme from …


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A few readers were surprised to see that we are giving away beta keys for APB: Reloaded given my strong, negative feelings regarding the original game. Despite the game's problems, I'm always willing to give an MMO a second chance, and publisher