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Ep.76 — Klaus Schmeh Dec. 6, 2010
Encryption expert Klaus Schmeh examines the Voynich Manuscript, a 15th century document that has eluded all attempts to decipher it.
Ep.75 — Atila Nyerges Nov. 29, 2010
Atila Nyerges is president of the Romanian Secular-Humanist Association and a leading skeptic in his home country. He joins Marsh to discuss the low uptake of the HPV vaccine across Romania and the superstition that underpins this.
We will return to including interviews with each episode from next week, however, this week Trystan, Hayley, Stephen and Dr T cast a critical eye over various news stories and extraordinary claims and the people who surround them including ghost poo, titanic ghosts, divine drinking water and psychic persecution.
No interview this week but Hayley and Trystan were joined by Stephen Rooney of The Skeprechauns to throw racial unpleasantries across the Irish Sea.
Ep.72 — Brian Kaplan Nov. 8, 2010
Classical homeopath and provocative therapist Dr Brian Kaplan outlines his views on alternative treatments to Marsh and Hayley.
Ep.71 — Joe Nickell Oct. 31, 2010
World reknown author, CSI research fellow and paranormal investigator Joe Nickell talks to Marsh at 2010's European Skeptical Congress.
Halloween Competition! Oct. 30, 2010
Enter the Righteous Indignation Halloween Competition for the chance to win a secret prize. Simply identify as many past guests as you can from this recording.
Ep.70 — TAM London Oct. 25, 2010
Trystan catches up with 'godless liberal' blogger PZ Myers (Pharyngula) and David Allen Green, aka Jack of Kent at TAM London 2010 to talk respect, witchcraft and Hayley love.
RI’s Unlucky Dip #6 Oct. 18, 2010
From this year's Weird Weekend conference, Trystan catches up with best selling author and folklorist Ronan Coghlan to discuss his research into the holy grail. Plus more from psychic Tina Wilkins.
Writer Mark Pilkington talks to Trystan and Marsh about his book 'Mirage Men', explaining how and why the US armed forces have helped to spread the flying saucer myth.
Ep.68 — Jim Humble Oct. 5, 2010
Jim is the creator of the Miracle Mineral Solution, a chlorine dioxide based alternative medicine that can supposedly treat a wide range of illnesses including AIDS, cancer and malaria. In this shocking special episode he spoke to Marsh and Hayley about the treatment that the FDA has branded 'an industrial …
Ep.67 — Rhys Morgan Oct. 4, 2010
Rhys Morgan is making a name for himself as a young skeptic, coming to the attention of Ben Goldacre for his fight against the Miracle Mineral Solution cure-all 'medicine'. He talks to Hayley and Marsh about the latest on his attempts to raise awareness of what is little more than …
Ep.66 — Paul Rowland Sept. 27, 2010
Paul Rowland chats to Trystan about the device he feels may hold the key to successful communication with alien visitors.
Ep.65 — Tina Wilikins Sept. 19, 2010
Tina is a clairvoyant and psychic medium who offers holistic, spiritual guidance through her company Spirit Essence. She talks to RI about her practice and the means by which her treatments are said to work.
Ep.64 — Tim Brown Sept. 14, 2010
The founder of Paranormal Investigations Group Sussex, Tim Brown explains what happens when former police officers turn their hands to ghost hunting.
Possessing the unenviable record of being the only man convicted of criminal damage when making a crop circle, the ever vocal Matthew Williams talks about the phenomenon prior to his *nudge* retirement.
Ep. 62 — Chris Atkins Aug. 30, 2010
This weeks episode includes the second half of our interview with Chris Atkins. He discusses his work on the film 'Starsuckers' and the flaws and faults of modern media and journalism. Also this week, a special report from a UFO skywatch on Cradle Hill in Warminster.
Ep.61 — Andy Roberts Aug. 23, 2010
UFO skeptic Andy Roberts offers his views on the 'Welsh Roswell'. Plus news of Hayley's embarrassing hair problem.
Ep.60 — Chris Atkins Aug. 15, 2010
Hayley and Marsh talk to Chris Atkins, the true identify of the now infamous Lone Horseman from the Ubran Fox Hunters of Hackney. The recent Urban Fox Hunters hoax spread through the media like fire and sparked outrage from animal lovers and the animal rights movement. Chris talks to the …
Urban fox hunters, unlucky rollercoasters and homeopathic vodka and more...