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Mediawatch looks critically at the New Zealand media - television, radio, newspapers and magazines as well as the 'new' electronic media.

Dan Eaton is the author of No White Lies - a thriller involving a kidnapping, spies and dodgy journalism. He's also a former national affairs editor of The Press and the recently appointed director of National Security Policy at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. Mediawatch asks him whether there's any overlap.


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To pump up interest in its transport policy the National Party spoon-fed the media part of it: police fining cyclists who spurn cycleways. But the prospect of Bike Force Raptor backfired when callers to the nation's top-rating talkback poured scorn on the plan.
Mediawatch looks at political personalities who proved reporters wrong in 2019 - and as the summer silly season looms, we look back at the unexpected stars of the last one.
Talkback callers call out plan for 'Bike Force Raptor'; Dan Eaton - former reporter, now author and intelligence bigwig; Bridges and Peters vs media - and the unruly stars of last summer.
The media were in emergency mode once again this week when Whakaari / White Island erupted. They raised important questions about risks and rewards of tourism - and some got involved in the emotional push to recover the missing.
Our Fourth Estate is "collapsing" according to Winston Peters. This week he set out what he wants as the coalition government ponders a new policy for the media - due to be unveiled any day now. But what does the most comprehensive annual survey of the state of it all …
Media probe risks and rewards of tourism - and the emotional push for recovery; the state of our media in 2019; televising the Xmas party
Virtual newsreaders, stock reports and election results written up by algorithms, and news organisations dishing up articles based on what you've already clicked on are all examples artificial intelligence in action. Mediawatch speaks to the author of a new report on AI and journalism who says journalists need to become …
A deeply inappropriate cartoon in the Otago Daily Times sparked demonstrations at the paper's door this week as well as discontent among the paper's own people. It reminded editors potentially contentious content needs careful consideration before publication.
Cartoon controversy rocks the ODT; algorithmically turbo-charged journalism; political polls undermined by the undecided and the unresponsive.
Political polling will intensify as the next election draws nearer, but when media draw conclusions look out for the crucial cohort who say they don’t know, don't care or won't tell the pollsters what they reckon.
Mediawatch's weekly catch-up with Lately. Colin Peacock talks to Karyn Hay about BoJo's no-shows in the UK; Air NZ's 'expert trolling,' casual racism forgiven - and how compassionate coverage of Samoa's crisis contrasted with one crass cartoon.
This month the government will decide how to fund public broadcasting in the future – and ponder replacing RNZ and TVNZ with a brand new organisation. This week Mediawatch looks at how Australia, Ireland and Canada fund their public media - and what they get for their money.
Mediawatch's weekly catch-up with Lately. Jeremy Rose is leaving RNZ at the end of the year and this will be his last appearance on Lately. He talks to Karyn Hay about the future of the media and some of the things he'd like to see happen.
The Otago Daily Times got a boost this week when British band Coldplay took out 15 cryptic ads to promote its new album. Meanwhile, our biggest publisher of papers is giving away ad space to reward clever campaigns like that. But are creative ads really the ones that cut through …
Newspapers have been shrinking for years along with the advertising that pays the bills - but travel is bucking the trend in a big way. Ads for tours and trips often make up the majority of the ads in the paper and the income is crucial. But does this compromise …
Air New Zealand hands out lollies before landing. This week its handouts to the media softened bad news for passengers about more engine trouble for its Dreamliners.
On Mediawatch: Air New Zealand's engine trouble; travel bucks the trend bringing in big bucks for papers; Coldplay cracked it, but do clever newspaper ads really cut through?
Mediawatch's weekly catch-up with Lately. Colin Peacock talks to Karyn Hay about Stuff Circuit's latest headline-making investigation, big calls on our 'dying' small towns; a long-serving young MP making us feel old, and mean - and whatever happened to the old NZBC?
Shane Jones’ low blow at the Indian community over partnership visas was followed up by others looking to score political points or to condemn him. But while the politics of it all preoccupied the media, the bigger immigration issue was obscured.