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Robohub Podcast is the podcast for news, interviews and discussions on all aspects of robotics. New episodes are released every two weeks, on Fridays. For more information click the robot or visit

Caitlyn Clabaugh on the difficulties and opportunities of deploying robots in peoples' homes.
Patrick Tresset on creating art and an experience with robots.
Robert Williamson derives a mathematical formulation of ethics and talks about the cost of fairness.
Amruta Moktali on Salesforce Analytics' data-pipeline, including how to avoid bias and select as actions.
Magnus Egerstedt on a way for anyone interested in swarm robotics to test their ideas on hardware.
Chris McCool on computer vision for plant classification, and Chris Lehnert on a clever way to harvest sweet peppers.
Peer Fischer on micro and nano robots, including how they are made, powered, and how they move.
Shuo Yang on a robotics first-person shooter competition designed to get people excited about robotics.
Yong-Lae Park on the bio-inspired design and manufacture of soft robots and microrobots for healthcare.
Juxi Leitner on the robot that won the 2017 Amazon picking challenge, and CSIRO on hexapod robots. Leitner speaks about the Amazon Picking challenge, a challenge to advance the state of robotic grasping, and their robot which won the challenge in 2017. Their robot is similar to a cartesian 3D …
Jonathan Hurst on the design and applications of a bipedal robot.
Andrew Stein talks about the design, behavior, and technology of the lifelike robot toy, Cozmo.
Sangin Park on exoskeletons to help factory workers, people with paraplegia, and soldiers.
Nicolas Economou discusses AI in the legal system and key points from “Global Governance of AI Roundtable”
Michael Laskey on training robots to fold bedsheets (and other things) through imitation learning.
Andrea Bajcsy and Dylan Losey on a method for teaching robots through physical interaction.
Maja Matarić on robots with the ability to help people through individual non- contact assistance in convalescence, rehabilitation, training, and education.
Monica Daley on how birds run and what lessons we can apply to legged robots.
Peter Harris discusses the use of collaborative robots to facilitate drug discovery.
Karl Weaver on wireless technology in China.