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Robohub Podcast is the podcast for news, interviews and discussions on all aspects of robotics. New episodes are released every two weeks, on Fridays. For more information click the robot or visit

Roland Siegwart and Matthias Hüni on a Swiss Startup Accelerator.
Torsten Oelke on a start-up competition.
Bradley Knox on using machine learning to give a robot character.
Russian innovation clusters, waterproof drones, and underwater vehicles.
Speakers from RoboUniverse San Diego discuss tactile sensing and soft grippers in Agricultural Robotics.
In this episode, Ron Vanderkley spoke to Dr Moritz Tenorth, head of software development at Magazino, a Munich-based startup developing mobile pick-and- place robots for item-specific logistics. They discussed his work on the Toru robot and what it means to the warehouse industry today and in the future.
Domenico Prattichizzo on a robotic finger for those with partial paralysis.
Vladimir Stanovov discusses a wheelchair made for quadriplegic people.
Towards understanding 100% of the pixels in an image 100% of the time with Dieter Fox.
Hasier Larrea speaks about robotics to transform personal spaces.
In this episode, Abate De Mey interviews Jeff Sprenger, founder of the startup Xemory in Vermont, USA. At Xemory they are developing a robot simulation game called Xemo, where players learn to animate virtual robots. This game tackles the common challenge of roboticists to develop lifelike motions for their physical …
Edson Prestes on organizing a competition to find landmines.
Modular robotics, last year’s Amazon picking challenge, software to help nurses coordinate, and autonomous cars at RSS.
Jürgen Leitner on a jumping robot to help navigation on the Moon for the Google Lunar XPrize.
Ekaterina Bereziy on an exoskeleton that can help people with full or partial lower body paralysis go up and down stairs.
Hugh Herr on the amputation of both of his legs below the knee, orthoses and exoskeletons, and the future of bionic technology.
Fredrik Gustafsson on an initiative to reduce poaching in a rhino sanctuary in Ngulia, Kenya.
Emo Todorov discusses a method for controlling complex robot behavior.
Karl Iagnemma speaks about autonomous vehicles in urban environments.
This is the second of two episodes where Audrow Nash interviews several companies at the International Conference for Robotics and Automation (ICRA). Interviews include iniLabs on a high frequency camera, HEBI robotics on a modular system for constructing robots, Consequential Robotics on a companion robot, and Phoenix Technologies on the …