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Robohub Podcast is the podcast for news, interviews and discussions on all aspects of robotics. New episodes are released every two weeks, on Fridays. For more information click the robot or visit

Three interviews in honor of Ada Lovelace Day.
Peter Corke on the history and future of computer vision.
Robots: AirDog Sept. 21, 2014
Edgars Rozentals on quadrocopters to record video for action sports.
Robots: M-Blocks Sept. 5, 2014
John Romanishin on momentum-driven, magnetic modular robots.
Robots: Birdly Aug. 22, 2014
Max Rheiner on his full body flight simulator.
Robots: Stiquito Aug. 8, 2014
James Conrad on hexapod robots for education.
Robots: Ekso Bionics July 25, 2014
Russ Angold on exoskeletons for rehabilitation.
Robots: Cruise July 12, 2014
Kyle Vogt from Cruise on autonomous cars.
Karol Miller on computer aided surgery.
Laurel Riek on ethical concerns raised with regards to interactive robots.
Russian entrepreneurs on the future of robotics in their country.
Robots: RoboRoach May 17, 2014
Remote controlled insects to understand the brain.
Peter Corke on robots for farming applications.
Henrik Schunk on advances in manipulation and service robotics.
In this episode, we talk to Justin Werfel from the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University about their latest paper published in Science on "Designing Collective Behavior in a Termite- Inspired Robot Construction Team". This work was done with Kirstin Petersen and Radhika Nagpal, director of the …
Robots: EU Robotics Week March 21, 2014
Organizers from the EU on their robotics events for the public.
Avner Levin on the impact of new technology on privacy.
150th episode special with Dario Floreano.
Rezia Molfino on how all robots are service robots
Robots: Startup Funding Jan. 24, 2014
Jan Westerhues from Robert Bosch Venture Capital about how they fund robotics companies.